TWO NOT-Outrageously Priced Eye Glass Solutions, with a Third Solution Provided by Fred Bodin

Solution #1 for Women

It was recommended that I purchase a pair of reading glasses one level less than my ordinary prescription, to help prevent eye strain while at the computer. I was utterly dismayed at the outrageously expensive price of eye glasses at the optometrist, as well as at the retail shops. I simply do not understand why a slender sliver of mass produced plastic has to cost $300. plus dollars, without the lens. Less expensive alternatives can be found at the pharmacy and places like Target, but I have never had much luck with fit or in finding an attractive style.

Without much searching I entered the Kate Spade website. Price for reading glasses: sixty-eight dollars. I ordered several versions thinking that I would keep the one I liked best. I absolutely loved them–comfortable, well-made, and in beautiful shades of tortoise shell. I liked both so much I kept the two pairs. The glasses come in a cheery apple green case, which makes them easy to locate within the deep depths of your purse.

Solution #2 For Men and Women

When my husband asked for help in finding a new pair of glasses, I was more than happy to assist. He has owned the exact same Buddy Hollyish style glasses for well over thirty years. To emphasize how non-materialistic is my husband–he has also owned, and it has been in continuous use, the very same key chain, a brass tag from the Savoy Grill at the Savoy Hotel in London, for over thirty-five years.

I had read about Warby Parker eyewear and thought Tom would love the fact that he did not have to go shopping (his absolute least favorite activity). He went to the Warby Parker website and picked out five pair in five minutes, part of their home try-on system. The trial glasses arrived in a few days. Shipping is entirely free, both directions with both the trial glasses, and with the pair ordered. Tom’s eye doctor phoned in his prescription and the glasses arrived within two weeks, for the grand total of 95.00. The new glasses look great and he reports they are much lighter and more comfortable than the heavier glass of his old frames. And they come with a smart looking hard case and cleaning cloth.

For every pair of glasses sold by Warby Parker, a pair is provided to someone in need.

Dorky model – self photo with iPhone

Fred Boden adds the following good info about Parrelli Optical:

Yesterday I stopped by Parrelli Optical on Railroad Avenue in Gloucester, because Janet’s prescription glasses had a broken right temple (the piece that goes from the glass to behind your ear). Manager Jeanine Perry tried to make the repair, but couldn’t, and suggested they be taken to the store they came from for temple replacement. I really appreciated her effort, especially since the glasses had been purchased elsewhere. I’ve bought opthalmic quality readers at Parrelli before, and this day found a high quality reader under $25 that looked great. I like the bamboo wood-like temples.

My model is a coconut head given to me by my Dad in the early 1960’s, from a business trip to Florida. I got the Indian and my sister (Painter Barb) got the pirate. My Indian hangs in the gallery. The background fabric is from my neighbor Bananas, which cost around five bucks.



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