Fitz Henry Lane House Post Feedback From Joseph Muse


enjoyed the post last eve of the Fitz Hugh Lane  house. So glad it was saved. Remember playing in that neighborhood when their was an active community there with streets and houses all around. i think they used to call it the old stone jug. Almys was on main street and the Bradford hotel. It would be interesting to see photos of the entire neighborhood prior to the fire.


  • Fire? I wasn’t here but I thought the old Vincent Cove neighborhood in fact succumbed to urban renewal.


  • urban renewal for certain, but there were fires that helped lead up to that, almy’s was one of them. i’d like to put together an album of some sort of that area before the devastation, using urban renewal property photos in the city archives and neighborhood photos and aerials in the cape ann museum archives. tom corcoran is working on gathering info and images of the vincent cove neighborhood at rose baker, as is beth welin of schooner adventure. that’s a piece of gloucester that’s still within living memory, but one that will never come back. we need to preserve and celebrate it before those living memories fade away.

    fred buck, photo archivist, cape ann museum


  • I am not good with dates,short term memory,but here it goes The Bradford Building where Morris Marcell used to sell goods out of his overcoat, Thee Tyrian Lodge A.F & A.M was in that building. Barney Shred Linen Shop was on first floor. National House Furniture was accross the next corner,
    Karems Army & Navy , Savoy Hotel, Gorins , Almy & Bigalow ,A & P , Battle of the Bands upstairs
    Clarks Drug Store later The Coffee Cup ,Cape Ann Diner , Hesprus Diner , Bob’s Habbedashery,
    Thurston Moter Sales , Don Pratt Real Estate, Green Tavern , Royal Sportswear , Jacobs Lobster. Maggie Wallaces, The Hydaway , Beefo’s Lunch , Silver Perch, Henderson & Johnson Paint,
    Empire Fish, Teddy & Billy Williams , Fabet Wharf , Atlantic Fisheries , The Stone Jug , The Fraziers, The Sawyers , Alper Reality , The Stickneys, The Fishermens Institute , Chief of Police John J, Coyle , Mayor John Burke, Gloucester Cold Storage , Harry Cocoe Vannah , Gloucester National Bank , Gloucester Bank & Trust , Boston Mutual , John McLeans Barber Shop , Kresge’s , Woolworths , W.T. Grants, Harrys Delacatesin. Nats Sho Shine & Repair , and the list goes on and on


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