• Funny thing, I stopped in the Lanesville PO this morning (since I live in the Lanesville section of Rockport – Pigeon Cove) to pick up a couple of free Priority Mail boxes. No one was at the window, so I helped myself to a few boxes from the lobby and went on my way. Turns out, these were similar looking “Ready Post” boxes that were for sale, and not free. I called them and confessed my crime against the US government (always assume you’ve been taped by video cameras). Postal worker Debbie laughed at my confession, and I’ll return them tomorrow and mail my 2 Dave Matthews mugs USPS Priority to Callawassie Island, South Carolina.


  • “…the Lanesville section of Rockport – Pigeon Cove)” Where in Hell is THAT? Do you know WHERE you live? Lanesville, and the other villages from Riverdale to Folly Cove, on the Western, Ipswich Bay side of this Island, are parts of Gloucester. They were formerly fairly resiliant and self sufficient, before the Homogenization of the Rootless Cosmopolites inspired by TV/Mass Media and other pernicious forces conned people into losing touch with the actual, authentic, places they inhabit.


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