Man at the Wheel


Click on the photo to see it much larger.  It’s interesting how the perspective and panoramic distortion make the the circle of plaques into a straight line, and the convergent lines on the pavement look roughly parallel!  I took this panorama a while ago, but only got around to putting it together now…

Fr. Matthew Green


  • The Captain at the Wheel

    By Peter A. Todd 04/23/2010

    Taking watch of harbor through days and nights

    With his hands firmly gripping at the wheel

    Our statue of yesteryear and today

    With his eyes fixed like hardened steel

    Many seasons and storms have passed him by

    Since the Captain was dedicated by our shore

    Through raging winds and sunlit skies

    The Captain has done his faithful chore

    The sands of time that has ebbed and flowed

    In circling our great statue of the sea

    Like the many stories of Fishermen of old

    Our Captain sets the spirit within us free

    The inscription etched below his feet

    So treasured to the Fishermen in many ways

    When the Sands of Time are stilled we’ll meet

    Those we have lost now raised by God

    From the oceans grave


  • The Fisherman



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    Watching over our boats night and day
    With his hands at the ships wheel
    A statue of faith for the Fishermen of today
    With eyes fixed like glistening steel
    Many a season storm s have passed by
    Since he was dedicated on our shore
    Through raging storms and sunlit skies
    The Fisherman has done his chore
    Our sands of time has taken its toll
    From our great statue of the sea
    Like many stories of Noah often told
    Our Fisherman sets the spirit in us free
    The words which are etched below his feet
    So true to the Fishermen in many ways
    When the sands of time are stilled we’ll meet
    Those we have lost from the oceans grave


  • Stacey Boulevard

    Peter A. Todd 05/17/2010

    Sitting here and admiring our inner harbor
    With the view of the Fishermen now and Gloucester past
    Names of our Lost now etched at the harbors edge
    Surrounding the Statue of our Captain in sunlit cast
    Our beautiful harbor embraced by the colors of our nation
    With the many flags that stand along the rails
    This Island of Gloucester God’s gift of creation
    With its Fishing Fleet and skiffs and Schooners at sail
    The street lights which mirror years so long ago
    The tourists and the Islanders walking on by
    Dogs of all breeds chasing at their owners heels
    Under God’s sky of blue and cotton puffed skies
    Stacey Boulevard with it statues of marble and stone
    Symbols of all our hero’s of the heritage of yesterday’s
    Fishermen and soldiers who made Gloucester their home
    For their Families to grow and their children to play


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