Full Length Free Fall to Earth


This is the full length video of the Felix Baumgartner free fall. I hated the ones that clipped him off as he disappeared straight down.


20 seconds: door pops open as the pressure equalizes.

1:20 “I’m coming home” and a bunny hop. If you sit right on 1:20 and keep replaying this and pretend he is just getting smaller and not falling. Weird, huh?  I used to jump out of airplanes and that bunny hop off the wheel strut was always a rush but Felix is cool as a cucumber.

2:20 hitting the speed of sound (768mph) he is spinning like a crazy top with end over end thrown in. Don’t repeat this part unless you want to toss your cookies.

9:30 Drops to knees, two fists up after falling 128,000 feet, 24.24 miles or from Gloucester Harbor to Fenway Park. (Which took 8 minutes total, no waiting in the hotdog line.)

[edit] Actually, it only took him 4 minutes to get to Kenmore Square, then 4 more minutes to float into Fenway Park. Traffic always sucks in Kenmore.

One comment

  • Thanks for posting that Paul! Wow! I’ve jumped twice tandem it it is an amazing experience. So cool the camera was able to follow him all the way down. That guy will feel on top of the world for months!


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