Susan Parent From Toodeloos Is Organizing A Monster Downtown Gloucester Black Friday Event!

No need to go to the malls on Black Friday! 

Here’s the latest from Susan Parent owner of Toodeloos Toy Store Downtown Gloucester!

Stores Signed On To Downtown Gloucester Black Friday So Far

Island Art And Hobby
Life Is Good
Jewels Of Gloucester
Mark Adrian Shoes
Premier Imprints
The Cave
The G33K Store (yes, that’s how it’s spelled)
Green Life
The Raven
Local Colors
Dogtown Books
Antique Store
Village Silversmith
Cape Ann Olive Oil
The Bookstore
Kid’s Unlimited

AND Lone Gull will open at 5:45 AM so people can get caffeinated and get shopping!
Most stores will be open at 6AM, some a bit later…7AM or so. I am still working on more stores! I will be pounding the pavement again on Saturday.

One comment

  • You beat me to it! Bodin’s is in and I bet once the excitement builds the whole of downtown Gloucester opens. Waiting in line at a mall for KMart to open? Bazarro. 6AM having coffee on Gloucester Main Street and getting all your Christmas shopping done then going to have civilized breakfast at any of 34 places in Gloucester that sling hash? I’m in.

    I think an appearance by Joey C and the Joeywalking sidewalk interview 20 question contest will be a must. But only if my favorite question is included: “What is the GMG mascot?”


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