What a nifty design! Joey passed along Cuppows to photograph and after photographing, I tried out the Regular Cuppow. The Cuppow fits perfectly into the mouth of a regular-mouth mason jar, sealing without leak or drip. The shape of the sippy is very comfortable and can be used with or without a straw. There are two versions, the regular-mouth Cupow and the wide-mouth Cuppow. For the large and small jars that Felicia and Jill were selling this summer, the regular-mouth Cuppow fits both. The Cuppow is reusable, recyclable, free of BPA and phthalates, made in the U.S, and modestly priced at 7.95.

Cuppow was conceived of and designed by Aaron Panone and Joshua Resnikoff. Resnikoff is a Masters of Science in Biomedical Engineering student at Tufts and Panone is a designer/engineer who works with the collaborative creative business incubator Fringe, located in Union Square Somerville. Check out Aaron’s website aarn_wrks_dsn to see some of his other collaborations and projects, and also his very yummy looking food blog  lick my balsamic.

Note to the designers: I love the look of the clearish-whitish-opaque plastic, but it blends so well with its surroundings and for that reason, I can easily see myself misplacing. Perhaps color could be added to the plastic.


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