Community Stuff 10/9/12

Hi Joey, 

Another Month already? Here is our monthly listing for Skeptics in the Pub. This one looks really interesting – but so do they all.

Thanks, Rosie


Devil’s Island
The Thacher Island Association will show "Devil’s Island," a film shot largely on Thacher Island in the summer of 2010, at 7:30 pm, Wednesday, Oct. 10, at the Rockport Community House, 58 Broadway.  Shaun Goulart, a history teacher at Gloucester High School, wrote the film, basing its plot on classic good-versus-evil movie thrillers like "Heat" and "Public Enemies."  In addition, Goulart directed the film and played one of its central roles. The cast also includes Nick Decoulos, Caralyne Fondulis, Rich Francis, Rick Doucette, and the late Mitch Cohen, with a cameo performance by Thacher Island lighthouse keeper John Fulton. But, for Thacher Island aficionados, aerial and ground views of  the towers, trails, and buildings make the island itself the star of Goulart’s film.  A suggested donation of $5 will be shared by the Thacher Island Association and Gloucester High School’s film club.  A trailer for the film is available by typing "Utube Shaun Goulart Devils Island" into a search engine. 

One comment

  • If I’m not mistaken back in the silent movie days there was a movie shot on Salt Island. I remember seeing some frames of old footage somewhere in the ’60s and as a kid had to investigate. All I found was some junk and a seagull egg which I brought in for “show and tell” at the old Eastern Ave. School, but it got broken three days before school ended forcing cancellation of those days and mailing of report cards. No sign of the mock-up castle that they were supposed to have built there.


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