Black Friday Downtown Gloucester

JOEY!!!!! I have convinced (so far) about 18 different stores to open up with Island Art and Toodeloos! at 6AM on Friday, November 23rd!!!!
and I have just begun my quest to "not be so alone" this year!!! Downtown Gloucester will be a shopping MECCA this holiday season.
Please please PLEASE tell the world, at least once a week about this wonderful happening… I will email you a list of stores participating, as soon as you want me to. Thank you so much for all you do for local businesses.
Also, a side note-   Toodeloos! is having a "decorate Barbie for Halloween contest- I provided the first 36 Barbies (they belonged to my daughter) for people to take home to decorate, and we only have about 5 left! The contest started Oct. 1st and ends the 24th with 5 age categories . Prizes will be awarded. Costumes must be homemade. Can you tell everyone about that, too? Thank you!
-Susan and Don

Susan Parent                      
142 Main St.                       
Gloucester MA 01930


  • In 2008 I decided to never ever shop for Christmas at a mall ever again. 98% Main Street Gloucester baby all the way. So relaxing. OK, I got to branch out and get my daughter more than another Fish City T-Shirt from Fred Bodins. Not that tough with all the great stuff in that one stretch of the West End.

    Next week post the list of stores opening at 6AM after Thanksgiving. Or email it to me and I’ll post it complete with links and who has the free coffee and doughnuts.


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