Poll- U.S. unemployment has remained above 8% for 43 months but do you feel like the local economy is in the crapper?

I don’t have any friends that don’t have a job.  All of the restaurants we service are having great years and have told me that over the past 5 years things have gotten progressively better.  The malls are always packed.

I don’t see a ton of for sale signs around town on houses like you normally do when housing goes to shit.

So I ask you, do you feel like the economy is horrible based on what you see around you?  I’m not talking about the national 8% number I’m talking you personally?  Do you feel like the economy around you is horrible?

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  • i feel like priorities are shifting while the individual changes the system with their purchase power since we can’t depend on the government to fix an unsustainable system. as far as housing goes, some people aren’t willing to give in to big banks that have screwed them when they can move on to something in better condition and finance through a local bank so the interest dollars go back into the community.


  • Gloucester’s unemployment is about 10% (for those that haven’t graduated on to “disability”). While I’m interested in what this poll reveals, I also realize that only a select demographic will participate anyway. So, a computer savvy, active, curious crowd should come in that things are “ok”…but in reality the rot is systemic.


  • The local bank is totally right, they care, the big banks just wanted to make money on the people’s back, shopping local also helps and does keep the money in the community. As a self employed person, it is not always easy because the government does not help us out.


  • People obsess over money way too much. Are we richer? Are we poorer? Housing starts! Bonds! Market’s up! Market’s down! Gasp! We are living in a time of pretty big readjustment. Waking up from the 20th Century, so to speak. Perpetual growth isn’t really realistic. Never was. But I think we have a lot of creative people here on Cape Ann who are finding new ways to make a living. Not necessarily relying on someone else to give them a job. I think that’s why Gloucester feels pretty good right now. So much potential. And this blog really helps with that. Bravo, btw. Also, banking local is a no brainer. We LOVE our bank.

    Keep in mind that one political party has deep interests in telling you that you’re worse off right now. You may want to turn off your TV until after the election if you want to keep your sanity and not see conspiracy everywhere.


  • In less than a mile on my road TWO new houses are going up, one house just had a roof done, another put in a new heating unit and there is a large dumpster outside yet another so I know some renovation is going on in there. We had to wait 30 minutes for a table going out to dinner recently and you see lots of people downtown and in the mall with bags. I think things are moving forward for sure!


  • I do know people who still can’t find a good job and since they aren’t “collecting” they are not part of the numbers. And – though I have loved the experiences, I have now been far away from all the people I care about for nearly two years and I would like to come home. But I can’t find a job and I can’t come home without one…


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