Gloucester Gas Prices and a Poll

Does anyone buy mid-grade or premium gas?


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6 Responses to Gloucester Gas Prices and a Poll

  1. I buy regular for my Jeep, usually at Flanagan’s on Main Street (now 3.99). The gas station in Rockport is $4.15 for regular. Time to start taking the bus!

  2. Thanks for sharing this info. It’s very practical and handy. The price of gas is nuts. And we are still giving tax breaks to big oil — why is that again?! They have posted record-breaking profits (billions) in the past few years….while all of us struggle to make ends meet. Something is wrong with this picture.

  3. arline land says:


  4. Joey C says:

    I find it interesting that some people buy mid grade. That’s a ton of extra dough. I’ve never noticed any perceptible difference between the two in the past and only buy the cheapest gas. As a matter of fact when i fill I ask the attendant to put in the cheapest gas you have in fear that their regular might be misconstrued for mid-grade.

    • Mark P says:

      Sunoco offers four grades. The 91 octane makes it cheaper for the German 1% mobiles that require 91 min. They should just make 87 and 91 and call it a day.

  5. Visit to find the cheapest prices on Cape Ann.

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