Rubber Duck is Torn

Rubber Duck has been enjoying an Italian Restaurant in Rockport that is perfect.  It’s like sitting down to family dinner but your mom is an awesome Italian chef serving new eye popping specials every time you walk in.  BYOB a nice Italian Cabernet from Sea Breeze and it is yet another eatery on Cape Ann that is spectacular.  The surfeit of riches we are all spoiled by.

But Rubber Duck likes to pull in on Friday night without a reservation and grab the last table.  If Rubber Duck blabs on GMG that table might be gone. So the question for Rubber Duck:

a) Take the bullet and blab.

b) You’re a bit slow RD, we all know about the place you are quacking about.

c) Shut your bill Rubber Duck before you screw up a good thing.

d) Try to act like a normal duck and make a reservation!

Give me your answer in comments and do not run to the place and blab to Donna that the dude with the red cast on his arm is hiding a duck under the table.

[Addendum] Besides the comments Rubber Duck’s cell phone has been ringing off the hook.  The consensus is that RD can call ahead just like everyone else.

Lo Grasso’s Cafe – Bistro, 13 Railroad Avenue, Rockport, MA

Call 978.546.7977 for reservations. Dinner only, opens at 5PM Wed/Thur/Frid/Sat.  Tell Donna the Rubber Duck sent you and you’ll get absolutely nothing off.


  • I have a combo answer:
    a) Rubber Duck takes the bullet and blabs
    d) Rubber Duck programs 978-546-7797 into his iPhone and calls ahead for a table.


    • Ha! Very sneaky Fred giving me the wrong number. Would you and Janet be snickering inside as Rubber Duck was turned away? 😉

      978-546-7977 I am OCD and check everything. You on the other hand might have problems with numbers …


  • please shut your bill, thank you…those that go there now make it crowded enough…the last thing that is needed is for you to make it more difficult to get seated by encouraging the celebrity seekers who would tie up tables hoping to get a glimpse of RD…put their phone number on your speed dial and call ahead, before you get your hopes up…I assure you that no more publicity will help your cause…


    • I promise not to expose RD to anyone at said bistro thus celebrity seekers can take a hike. Donna thinks we’re weird enough as it is and my daughter is embarrassed if RD sits on the table. (One of my parental duties is to embarrass my offspring but there is a limit.)


  • I think you’ve gotten your answers – the same I would have given, except I would have given you the correct phone number. And again, RD is here with me, so the busty one you are hiding under the table must be her sister.


  • Happy to see number and name of that sweet spot! By calling for a resi it gives the owners a heads up on what to expect for the evening and we want to see them continue a great business during the winter. Many thanks to Sal & Donna for the friendly atmosphere and delicious dinners!


  • We remember that back in the day they’d throw tablecloths over the deli cases and magically turn the place into a romantic Bistrot- way fun!


  • To appease my daughter I now leave Rubber Duck on the dashboard. RD is the one to remind me to bring my BYOB wine.


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