If you have to leave the Island of Cape Ann for a wiener.

Make sure you stop by the new home of Karl’s Sausage Kitchen. No longer at Oops, I missed the driveway on Route 1 right before 128, it is now, easy on and off at One Bourbon Street, Peabody, MA. Brats, and other multiple grill-able tubular meats and now a café with beer, wine, and your favorite German wiener on a plate with real honest to god mustard.

Has anyone checked out the new digs? Click their old Route 1 sign to go to Karl’s Facebook page. They are social media wieners.


  • been there 3 times…my kitchen always has items from Karl’s in it…the new cafe is a treat…


  • I always load up with andouille. They are long thin, coarse grained smoked sausage that are always hanging in pairs in the shop. Throw them in a backpack and they get better with age as they dry out a bit. The hot chorizo with egg in the morning, the Bauernwurst, the everything else they make right there is also tasty.

    Just small piece of the triple smoked bacon for making clam chowder should be illegal.



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