Thanks to a few Gloucester Gentlemen…

We live in a wonderful community with wonderful people but, you probably already know this! I would like to say Thanks to a few Gloucester Gentlemen

I had some car problems last night and had my car towed home by New Beverly Auto Clinic . The tow driver was a real gentleman and made a bad situation not so bad.

This morning, I used Lighthouse Taxi  to get to Enterprise to pick up a rental. Lighthouse Taxi was very fast at picking me up and my cab driver was very friendly. I could tell he loved his job and helping others.  He told me about helping the elderly community get to Dr. Appointments and such and its nice to know they’re in good hands.

When I was dropped off at Enterprise this morning, I received another friendly welcome by the two gentlemen working there. They helped me by working with my dealership and another Enterprise and made sure I got the best rate for a rental.

It’s really nice to know we live in a community with great people that are willing to help others.  I’m very frustrated with my car situation, as I just picked it up from the shop on Wednesday after spending $1500 and it died again last night. These gentlemen really made my day a lot better. They made it so easy to do business with them and seemed genuinely happy to help.








  • Love your positive attitude.. it is so nice to come across the great people, I agree, a wonderful community


    • Thanks Donna. I got all my bitching out last night. Trying to make the most out of a bad situation today. It helps to remember there are a lot of others out there with much bigger problems.


  • Great to hear about this helpful community coming to your rescue! . … .sorry to hear that after spending $1500 on your car you still had problems with it . … ugh! but fyi — Enterprise ads say they will pick you up and bring you to get your car rental . . . then deliver you home at the end. .. I’ve used that terrific service often. . . .


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