On Leaving Gloucester Soon From Ann Kennedy

Good morning, Joey.  I dislike sounding like a cheesy tourist pamphlet, but Gloucester truly does have everything, and something for everyone.  We’re getting ready to leave with a feeling of having not had enough time for all there is to experience.  We will continue to rely joyfully on GMG and all of the marvelous images and information the community provides in order to stay connected.
We haven’t met the mayor, but we have met you–so as you commend the mayor, we commend you for your steadfast passion for all of Cape Ann.  It is palpable and contagious in the best of ways.   Hats off to all of your town, thank you Gloucester and we’ll see you again soon!
Ann and Bob Kennedy
P.S.  I’ve tried to sum up my view of the city here:


  • Beautiful.


  • Dear Ann and Bob: It was great to meet you the other day at Mug Up and look forward to seeing you again soon. Have a great trip back and will stay in touch through GMG.. Donna


  • Thank you Ann for sharing your lovely collection of recent photos of Gloucester. I look forward to meeting you the next time you are visiting our fair city–and look froward to your next collection of photos from Gloucester!


  • To Ann & Bob Kennedy.

    While I have not met you . I myself on behalf of all of Gloucester thank you for your kind thoughts. I m known as the unofficial Poet of Gloucester and this is my gift to you . I am also known as the Taxi Poet. I drive for Gloucester Taxi & Livery

    Gloucester’s Edge
    By Peter A. Todd 03/06/2010

    Sitting and admiring our inner harbor
    I can vision the Fishermen of Gloucester’s past
    Names that are now etched at the harbors edge
    Of the Fisherman’s statue in sunlight cast
    Our harbor embraced by the colors of our nation
    With the many flags that stand along its rails
    This our Island of Gloucester God’s gift of creation
    With its Fishing boats and Schooners at full sail
    Street lights that mirror years long ago
    Tourists and City folk strolling on by
    Dogs of all breeds chasing at their owners heels
    Under God’s sky of blue and cotton puffed skies
    Its walkway filled with statues of marble and stone
    Of the our heritage of our hero’s of yesterday
    Fishermen and soldiers who made Gloucester their home
    Now a place for adults to enjoy and children to play

    Our Gloucester
    By Peter A. Todd


    Our Gloucester, she exists in our hearts
    Its tales of woe’s and seas of gallantry
    We could be far away, but of our souls
    Our Island we call home will never part
    Its heritage more precious than diamonds or gold
    The schooners, and draggers and ships at sail
    Ten-Pound Island and the mysteries it holds
    Our golden sands, changing with the storm tossed gale
    Imprints of life erased by each mornings tide
    Seagulls with their young gathering to feast
    Gloucester made famous by fishermen of the sea
    By others who fought for the rights of people like you or me
    Our Gloucester of today and its many challenges present
    That will be reached by Heritages pride and commitment
    Our Gloucester is etched into the sands time
    By the symbol of our Fishermen of the sea
    It makes us proud of our heritage is world known
    By the Captain at the wheel and the Leader of Gloucester’s Fleet

    Stacey Boulevard

    Peter A. Todd 05/17/2010


    Sitting here and admiring our inner harbor
    With the view of the Fishermen now and Gloucester past
    Names of our Lost now etched at the harbors edge
    Surrounding the Statue of our Captain in sunlit cast
    Our beautiful harbor embraced by the colors of our nation
    With the many flags that stand along the rails
    This Island of Gloucester God’s gift of creation
    With its Fishing Fleet and skiffs and Schooners at sail
    The street lights which mirror years so long ago
    The tourists and the Islanders walking on by
    Dogs of all breeds chasing at their owners heels
    Under God’s sky of blue and cotton puffed skies
    Stacey Boulevard with it statues of marble and stone
    Symbols of all our hero’s of the heritage of yesterday’s
    Fishermen and soldiers who made Gloucester their home
    For their Families to grow and their children to play

    Niles Beach Sunset
    By Peter A. Todd

    I gaze upon the Sunset
    On this Islands golden sand
    As it reflects through its inlet
    The beach smoothed out by tide’s hand
    The shimmering of the sea
    As the sun begins to settle west
    Boats sailing through winter breeze
    As darkness is at the water’s crest
    The Giant waves begin to pound on shore
    As night’s temperature starts to fall
    Nature’s creatures begin to sing
    The song of love’s first mating call
    What a grand and glorious sight
    That our father in heaven has given me
    I can just imagine how beautiful and bright
    God’s hallowed home will be.


  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and beautiful photos. I always enjoy them so much as they mirror my own feelings. From 1948 to 2007 I spent womderful summers in Rockport and Gloucester. My aunt (a high school librarian) spent her summer vacations in Rockport and fortunately included me for many years. Eventually, my husband and daughters loved vacationing there, too. My husband passed away in 2007, but the memories of our precious times spent there lives on forever. I, too, enjoy GMG and reading The Gloucester Times and logging onto sandybay,org. Maybe, someday I’llk be able to return.


  • what a beautiful parting gift! I love your photos of Gloucester!


  • Heartfelt thanks to each of you! Your kind comments, special poetry and memories mean the world to us and we are immensely grateful.


  • Ann that was so beautiful. It is so wonderful when you and Bob come and add your essence to our wonderful city and GMG. I hope to hear that you are relocating here soon. Thanks for the pastries; I’m afraid they may not make it to Mug Up.


  • Thanks, EJ! Will bring bacon when we return–wouldn’t want Ed to go hungry!


  • Beautiful video. We didn’t meet but our dogs did. Stella is 45 seconds in. I can recognize that dog butt from a mile away.


  • Thanks, Paul. Wasn’t me and my dog in that shot–unfortunately I’m a grey-haired old lady and not the lovely young creature with the dogs:-)


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