Gloucester Art News From Catherine Ryan

Gloucester Art news 1: Wednesday September 26th

Gloucester is gearing up to become the first town in MA to be awarded 2 Cultural Districts. Rocky Neck Art Colony Cultural District is flying! Amazing seARTS— a committed partner for ALL the regional cultural districts–has graciously invited the volunteers hustling for a DOWNTOWN Gloucester Cultural District to give a brief update at the seARTS meeting this coming Wednesday at Sawyer Free Library, 4PM. Please stop by. (While you’re there: have a peek at the Sawyer Free Library 2012 Art Auction and see the neighborhood quilt project!) Contact: Judith Hoglander,

Gloucester Art news 2: Tuesday, October 2nd, 7PM, City Hall

The exciting process for commissioning NEW public art for the Gloucester HarborWalk is off and running! At the direction of Mayor Carolyn Kirk and the Community Development Department, the Gloucester Committee for the Arts has been asked to plan and implement the process for selecting a work, or works, of public art to be installed that were inspired by Gloucester and the HarborWalk.

Gloucester’s Committee for the Arts is hosting a dynamic introduction session and encourages you to attend. Committee members suggest that people, “Please come a bit early to bring and pin up any image of public art that you are (or aren’t) keen for, so that we can assemble a lively backdrop for the evening’s discussions.” City Hall’s stellar murals will inspire and connect us, too.

The session is designed for artists who may be considering responding to the City’s eventual request for submissions. Come to learn about the selection process, review general guidelines, hear themes of the architect’s vision, view examples of other public art installations, and be part of the unfolding plans. This is to be public art created for our unique environment and the artist’s response to it.

You don’t have to be an artist to come. Hearing and participating in the discussions about ideas for art in the public realm are part of the pleasures of seeing commissioned projects brought to completion. This process will occur over a period of many, many months and involve visits, interactions and working in conjunction with many. The ideas and debates around art, public space, and culture add enormously to our enjoyment and our community –and are already very Gloucester . Be part of it!

For those unable to attend or who have questions, visit or email (subject line public art)

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