Dear Joey,

      I haven’t commented before because I wanted to send a picture of my mother of how she looks at almost 100 years old.  I am Irene Ina Shaker and live in Cleveland, OH.  I am the oldest of her five children.  I helped my mother start the business and did all the book work until I got married.  I used to commentate for her fashion shows.  I am very proud of her.

      I enjoy reading your blog every day.  It brings back many memories.  Keep up the good work.

Irene Ina Shaker



Joey C commentary:

I have faint memories of going in with my my mom to Ina’s when we were very little but I do remember it being a special place.  A place way ahead of it’s time with serious sophistication.

Ina Shop In Magnolia Follow Up From Elinor Ina Bowes and Alfred Ina

Posted on September 3, 2012 by Joey C

I am writing in response to a message from a gal who shopped at the Ina’s in Magnolia.  I am one of the daughters, Elinor, and happy to say that my mother, Mrs. Ina is still alive and living in Florida and we will celebrate her 100th birthday in January, God willing. She lives with my brother Al and she is amazing, she still loves to cook and enjoys having family visit.

Thanks, happy to know someone is still remembering the beautiful shops my mom owned.

Elinor Ina Bowes  (Ellie)

Alfred Ina comments-

My mom, Mahiba Ina came to this country in 1933 from Lebanon as a new bride.My mom & dad had stores in Palm Beach in the winter & Magnolia in the summer. When my father died in 1943, the family spent the winters in Jacksonville and when we started high school we moved to Magnolia year round. Being the only store in Magnolia during the winter was a challenge but she had her mind made up to work hard and succeed in which she did. She loved her shop and her dear customers who she still talks about and she always say that she misses them so. We love West Palm Beach but Magnolia will always be in our blood. Magnolia in those days was like a piece of Heaven on Earth. It breaks my heart to see whats left of Magnolia and how it is neglected. My mom sends all her love to all of you and thanks you for remember her. You all made her day so special and I thank you all.


  • I remember Mrs Ina well. Her shop was lovely. She always greeted her customers with a smile and remembered their names. I still remember a beautiful dress I bought for my honeymoon in 1968. It was so very classic. I wore it summers for at least 10 years. It was a beautiful print of hydrangea with green leaves. It reminded me of a Bonwit Teller shopping bag. Whenever i wore it i always received a compliment. Thank you Mrs. Ina for being so gratious and having such a wonderful clothing boutique. Gone are the days………



    Great picture. I used to take my grandmother (Margaret Oneil Davis) and great aunt (Dot Oneil O’Donnel) to the store all the time. They loved that place. I now live in Magnolia with 3 children and it still is a wonder place to vist or live.


  • Thank you Ina’s family and Joey for sharing these sweet stories–fun to imagine an elegant Bonwit Teller-type ladies dress shop in a charming seaside village setting.


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