Neighborhood Quilts From Ann Kennedy

Saw the 8 marvelous quilts hanging in the Sawyer Free Library… each representing the special ethos and heritage of a Gloucester neighborhood.  My photos do not do justice, but all 8 quilts are really delightful!  As one who loves to walk Gloucester, they are really a treat and so representative of community pride.



  • Wow! Gorgeous and so special! Thanks for sharing.


  • I have seen these quilts close-up and personal while visiting the Rose Baker Senior Center with my mother-in-law in the past year, as they were being created. They are unbelievably beautiful, exemplary and artistic. I am amazed by the talent of the seniors who made each and every little detail. Their commitment was unparalleled. (did I spell that correctly)?

    ** A great deal of credit goes to, not only the talented seniors who created them, but also to Junie Van Dyke, the Director of Art at the Senior Center. She is a powerhouse of positive energy and unconditional support and guidance. (She is also a very talented artist in her own right) The completion of these quilts is the result of months and months of hard work.

    I highly recommend that everyone go see them in person and please offer your support and praise to all involved. They are incredible representations of our communities – each with their own nuances. They are museum quality.

    Congratulations!!! Bravo!


  • Thank you Ann for sharing the photos of the quilts progress. I second everything Terry said!!!


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