Ask Joey C- Engagement pictures…help!

Hi Joey,
This might me the most random email you’ll ever get…but I had to send it regardless. My fiance and I are planning engagement pictures in Gloucester (like…very soon. this week, soon! eek), where we’re also getting married. Your Flickr pictures are amazing, and you’ve already given me awesome ideas from that….but I was just wondering if you knew of any different spots that only a person who knows Gloucester as well as you do would know of? We’re trying to stay away from super beachy engagement pictures….I love the old fisherman boats and we’ll probably take pictures down town, too. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Joey C writes-

I would contact Cory and Violet at Sweet Shots Secret Spots and book a day in their jeep-

Sweet Shots Secret Spots On GMG

Where would you suggest?

Whatever you do, don’t do this to your future husband-

Engagement Photos From Rockport

Posted on April 1, 2011 by Joey C


  • The day before yesterday, Saturday, I took a photo of a bridal couple walking down Main Street in Gloucester’s West End. They were following their wedding photographer to a location for portraits in front of some of our 18th century brick and wood buildings. I put it on my gallery Facebook Page:
    For a Gloucester photographer who knows the area and who is good, contact me, from info on my FB Page, by email or phone. Good for you for wanting something different and authentic! Disclaimer – I am not a wedding photographer.


  • Mary Kay Taylor, Education Director Maritime Gloucester

    We have a lot of couples shoot on our site (Maritime Gloucester, 23 Harbor Loop), especially on the Main Pier. It might be a good fit if you are looking for more of a Maritime Heritage/Maritime Industrial feel. Most of the property is open to the public from dawn to dusk every day!


    • Mary Kay, checked out the Maritime pier last week…absolutely perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. Almost went into the museum to look for you and thank you personally, but I brought my dog with me so I decided against it. Thank you so much!


  • The Headlands in Rockport is a beautiful spot, with endless ocean or harbor views in the background. Also, Bearskin Neck with the harbor and headlands in the background.


  • End of the Eastern Point Breakwater at dusk/twightlight shooting towards the lighthouse with the length of the breakwater behind the subject, or aboard the Schooners Lannon or Ardelle at dusk for unlimited photo ops. Marriage is a voyage after all…


  • Yes, definitely contact Violet and Cory at Sweet Shots and Secret Spots. They know all the great spots for taking photos and you get to ride around in their cool jeep.


  • You should listen to Joey C and Ejay and call Sweet Shots Secret Spots 978-559-6649! Check them out on FaceBook


    • Just watched the youtube video…looks like SO much fun….the only problem is we only have about hmmm, an hour or so for pictures. Not sure that’s enough time for a tour…and pictures. What do you guys think? We also had to postpone our pictures until October 11, because of the weather last week….might be a little chilly for a ride in a jeep…with no doors. haha.

      Either way, I’ll definitely be giving you guys a call. This seems like an awesome thing to do on our wedding weekend.

      Thank you so much!


      • Sweet Shots Secret Spots

        Michelle let us know the time frame and we can plan the best places to use that time according to time of day and light. The doors are back on the jeep, we got cold. Give us a call! 978-559-6649


  • Sweet Shots Secret Spots

    We have exactly what you need. Call us and you won’t be disappointed. 978-559-6649 or email or send us a message on our facebook page.


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