Friends Of Seacoast From Tommy Lattof

I am excited to share with you a new list of Friends of Seacoast members and the outpouring support from leadership at Northeast Health Systems (NHS) as well as my visit to Seacoast today. Please click on the attachment and print our membership for your files.

I visited Seacoast to thank Millie Gentile a long time family friend for having memorial gifts sent to us in memory of her husband Rosario who passed away last week.  She indicated she was going down to the dining room and wanted me to join her for coffee, which I did. I learned from Alison Cox earlier that they were taking 12 residents for lunch to the Gloucester House Restaurant in a van with a nurse assigned for their safety and that others will be offered on, a rotating basis, this opportunity each month.  The Friends of Seacoast would donations would be used to fund this event.

As it turned out Millie Gentile and another resident who was sitting at our table having coffee were part of the 12 chosen for the month. I mentioned to her that the gifts received in memory of her husband, Rosario, would help defray that cost which pleased her very much.

She said the staff at Seacoast was very good to the resident and she felt safe and was in a wonderful place.

Our next meeting is October 9, 2012  at 6 PM which falls on an event Alison Cox, our Activities Director, is having at 5 PM.  It is a dinner and show (entertainment or movie) for the residents. Specialty food from area restaurants is brought in that evening. Anyone interested in checking it out before our 6 PM  meeting is welcome to do so.

We will finalize our Holiday Fair scheduled for December 1, 2012. I am happy to report that Sam Santuccio has informed me that he will plan to provide the music for this event. Thanks Sam for all you do for us.

Karen Mc Cann will be the General Chairperson and handle the Wine Cellar ticket raffle.of this event and Angela and Pat Ciaramitaro will Co-Chair the cookie table so line up your friends to bake for this event. Vincent Pallazola and I will work the food table.  Alison Cox will contact the Vendors who will be displaying their goods for sale throughout the dining room

You should be proud that your contributions of time and money are being used to make Seacoast  the best facility on the North Shore.  No other facility that I know of has a group like the Friends of Seacoast assisting the Activity Director in funding events to help the residents stay connected to the community.

I am happy be part of this dedicated group and thank you for your help.


Thomas M. Lattof

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