Coyote Attack Downtown Gloucester

Awhile back I read a GMG blog post about a coyote attacking a cat.
I was happy to hear that the cat survived and didn’t think too much
about coyote attacks until today.
Sadly our beloved cat Daisy was attacked and killed by a coyote early
this morning. We live downtown in a totally populated and NOT wild
part of Gloucester. The coyote cornered our cat on our neighbor’s
porch. There was a ruckus as deck furniture was upset during the
If I had known about coyotes in downtown Gloucester I would have kept
my cat in always. I hope the news of Daisy’s death will warn other
downtown folks and save at least one pet’s life.
Jane Cunningham


  • Jane
    I am sorry for the loss of your cat..I lost mine about a year ago, but I am in Lanesville where it’s not so “civilized”


  • Dear Jane,
    I am so saddened to hear about your beloved Daisy. Our pets are so precious to us and a death feels like losing a member of our family.

    Please don’t blame yourself for allowing your cat to do what cats do. Our cat is Cosmos is under quarantine after being attacked by a coyote and it is a daily challenge to keep him indoors. He is no longer a happy cat.

    My dear gardening friend and neighbor, Joan Swiggart, wrote the following when we lost our beloved Scotty Daisy.

    “All the joys and pleasures of having each of them remain with us in family
    stories, photos and remembered moments almost every day.

    I am sorry you lost Daisy under such unsettling circumstances. I hope one
    of these days you will find another wonderful friend to share your life.


  • Jane, my sincere sympathies on the loss of your cat. It’s hard enough to lose a pet, but even more difficult in such a violent and unexpected way.


  • The CAAA has many cats and kittens. You might want to take a look.


  • Jane, sorry about your cat,we lost one of ours in Magnolia by shore rd. we think it was a fisher cat though.


  • So sorry about the loss of Daisy…..please notify your Board of Health, as the coyote may be rabid.
    Think it’s time the State start thinking of reducing the coyote population.I live in the Boston ‘burbs and we have at least two packs in the neighborhood. Coyotes have no natural predators.


    • “Coyotes have no natural predators” – anymore, that is. When the red wolf population was decimated in the Eastern U.S., the coyote – being a perfect opportunist – moved in to the territory from the north and west. The book “Prodigal Summer” by Barbara Kingsolver is a wonderful read and she writes quite clearly about the coyote and coyote populations in the east. It may be too late but we have to start realizing that we can’t continue to build up and pave over whatever wilderness and habitat remain. Coyote attacks on a porch in downtown Gloucester are a consequence of all that.


  • How awful to know Daisy was lost so near home and so violently, poor thing!


  • Sorry about the loss of your pet..they do become a real part of our lives. The truth about these coyotes is their brazen qualities. Some believe that is from the eastern coyote cross breeding with the northern timber wolf. Recently there was a televised program highlighting the first killing of a human in NovaScotia…a young lady who was out for an afternoon walk, alone. This event was the first of it’s kind and a very rare occurance suggesting that the opportunity may have been triggered by the young lady trying to run away which is only natural. Please be careful when out hiking. Not trying to scare anyone, but please don’t be complacent when enjoying these beautiful hiking trails and forrests.


  • I live downtown and let my cats in our back yard. Without giving your full address can you please give a street? I’d like to know where you are “downtown”. Thank you.


  • I am so sorry about Daisy.


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