Artist on Art: Clarke on Fitz Henry Lane and William A. Ellwell

From Deb Clarke;

I repaired the box.  The glass is plexi, it is pitted, scratched with mildew stains.  the box lining is warped.  the posters continue to shrink.  the bottom was coming apart, i screwed it back together.  wiped off a crust of pollen and grime.  gave it a wash of slow set gilder’s oil.  gave it a speed dry with the hot sun.  laid down aluminum leaf.  burnished the leaf to an almost hard tack (t?); rubbed in non oxidizing gold dust, light sipe with a milky tacky brush.  laid down more aluminum leaf.  inscribed sharpie drawing.  i saw the silhouette of gloucester in the leaf, then signed it.  one more burnish. done.  the only audience?  a man taking a deep lumbering nap on the rise behind me.

best,  deb.                                     

update From Deb Clarke;

Hi there! when i got to work yesterday Ed Collard was talking with Fred Bodin.  I reminded Ed the ‘fix it’ man about the bottom falling out of that information box at the Gordon Thomas Park.  He had me remind him of what it was.  Anyway, when I walked home from work yesterday I noticed that it was fixed!  Awesome.
Oh, and the art work is of use to someone, as I saw a man stop at it (i was so excited, he’s going to look…or is he going to paint?  he had some bags with him, i was about to take a picture) nope…he was just using the pedestal as a place to balance the trash bag so that he could put a knot in the bag.  then he dumped his trash in Public waste bin.  oh, well.  Vincent Ferrini once wrote a letter to Gloucester “use your artists.”  i guess gloucester finally does. hahahah



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