Block Party Entertainment Update ~ Correction for tonight ~ Will Hunt’s Excellent Tech Question for the Cowsills

This just in from Block Party Guru Val Markley:
LEE – Touching and uplifting Originals and Sing-along will be at the Mystery Train Stage at 9:30pm.

See complete Block Party Entertainment Schedule by STAGE here.  See complete Block Party Entertainment Schedule by TIME here.

CORRECTION: gimmesound had Inge Berge listed at the Castle Manor Inn tonight.  Inge told us he’s on guitar backing up Toni Ann Enes (check her out – very entertaining), but it’s not HIS gig.  Thanks, Inge for clearing that up.  See tonight’s complete music lineup here.

Last night at Cape Ann Community Cinema, our boy Will Hunt was in the audience as The Cowsills sang their hits, followed by a screening of their new film, followed by Q&A, during which Will asked how they recorded so many voices (6 or 7 parts on many songs) with a 4 track in 1967.  The answer was that they mixed down all the band tracks first, then stood around a single mic, adjusting each singer’s volume by the distance from the mic.  You singers know how hard it can be to keep your part when you’re RIGHT NEXT to someone singing another part.  It takes some serious ear training to listen for the right resonance and maintain it throughout a song in ONE TAKE.  You couldn’t just fix one part.  EVERY BODY had to sing it again if anybody screwed up.

Then Susan Cowsill told us that they would often break out laughing and not be able to stop — kind of like laughing in church, she said.  All in all it was a great night at Cape Ann Community Cinema.  Tonight it’s the screening of Neil Young Journeys followed by a live acoustic set by Forever Young, the Neil Young Tribute Band (get tickets here).

And tomorrow, it’s Rita Chiarelli with a live set followed by her film Music From the Big House.  See video below of her performing These Four Walls from the movie soundtrack

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  • Damn, seriously I really wanted ti go: “the Rain, the park..” was the first music I bought in my entire life….deep appreciation for them performing, and for the C.A. Cinema for hosting.


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