Oh Yeah Baby. Breakfast Is Now Back In Your Boy Joey’s Vocabulary

The summer down the dock has been one of the busiest I can ever recall so my morning breakfast routine had been on hold while I’ve wilted away to a shadow of my former self.

but no more BABY!  Breakfast is back!  Last week Fort Square Café.  This week Mamie’s Kitchen.  Let’s do this!

2012-09-09 11.27.10


  • Theres a grilled coffee roll with your name on it!


  • I’ve got a place for you that will blow your socks off for breakfast, which is yet undiscovered. Tell me when you want to go, and be really, really hungry. Bring your camera and your appetite. I’ll buy. It could be a fun place for a GMG meal sometime. Spectators are welcome!


  • My Dad LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Mamie’s. He brought Zak there all summer and says its the best breakfast in town. He said that other than the Willow Rest its the only place that gave a damn what he ate or how badly he needed his coffee…. 🙂 I might have to make a trip on over…..


  • so glad you got to eat. You have me worried everytime I see you withering away. By the way the food looks delicious


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