Uhmmmm The World’s Greatest Lobster Roll Just Got Even Better By Subtraction. You Heard Me- Subtraction.

2012-09-08 19.47.10

You’ve heard me rail on about the world’s greatest lobster roll for four years now.

We’ve dismantled countless frou frou high brow chefs and food bloggers who couldn’t leave perfection alone and had to go and mess up the perfect lobster roll with such atrocious ingredients as paprika, celery, lettuce, relish onion, pickles, avocado and such ridiculous platforms for rolls such as French baguette rolls and anadama bread.

Yu can read about all those abortions these dopes tried to pass off as lobster rolls here-

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Bastardized Lobster Roll on Tap Today At Gloucester Gourmet

But what I’m about to tell you is going to turn a lot of what I’m saying on it’s head I guess.  Or another way to look at it is actually more accurate in that as I’ve told you from the beginning- that simplicity and not overthinking the lobster roll and it’s perfection is the way to go so simplifying in the way I’m going to explain actually falls right inline with what I’ve been saying.

Night before last the Mrs asks me to bring home some lobster so she can make lobster rolls.  She tells me she wants to try something different than her traditional recipe.

I brought home 5 lbs of medium shell lobster and she made two lobster rolls based off her original recipe-

Ingredients For The Worlds Greatest Lobster Roll

Posted on April 28, 2008 by Joey C

Ingredients For The Worlds Greatest Lobster Roll, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Has to be Cains mayo, and hot dog rolls so you can grill them to a golden brown with the unsalted butter.

Notice there is no lettuce, paprika, celery or any other filler. If anything else appears in your lobster roll, you have an inferior lobster roll.

steam the lobsters and shuck the meat

tear the meat into 1/2 inch chunks or so and mix with cains mayo


once lobster and mayo is chilled, butter each side of cheap hot dog rolls (the kind you tear apart)

you do not want to use any goddamn baguette or crusty overpowering roll

you want white bread tear apart soft hot dog rolls

once you butter the sides of the hot dog rolls with SALTED butter you pan brown the roll so its warm and golden brown

just barely browned but the roll should still be very soft

then load up your cool lobster/mayo filling into the warm soft buttery roll and you have yourself the perfect lobster roll


I’m here to tell you that there is an upgrade to this and it is by simplifying.

Leave out the mayo and serve with hot drawn salted butter drizzled over the top of the cooked lobster meat inside the grilled buttered bun.

It actually intensifies the taste of the lobster instead of masking a bit of it with the mayo.

It’s now the official recipe of the World’s Greatest Lobster Roll.

#Boom!  That Just Happened!

2012-09-08 19.47.16

Best lobster roll pictured in back.


  • Bomb shell!!! Who ever said the GDT had the best scoops? GMG is the news of the future, where you will hear it first!


  • Thanks for that expose, Joey but, that’s the way my mom and later my wife always made a lobster roll – butter, no mayo. I would never have admitted it here until now.


  • You can get both lobster rolls with butter or with mayo at the Maine Dinner in Wells, ME. I have had both and like the mayo better.


  • Makes sense to me: When I eat a steamed Captain Joe & Sons lobster, I dip the meat into butter. We never consider mayo or anything else for steamed or boiled lobster. So if anyone wants mayo with their lobster roll, they can always have it on the side. Kudos to the Mrs for this perfectly logical subtraction. Thanks.


  • Does anyone remember my entry in last year’s GMG Mug Up lobster roll competition that everyone made fun of? Just like that, although I might have overdone it with the butter just a tad.


  • When at a restaurant my daughter Liv always requests her lobster rolls with no mayo, and asks for drawn butter on the side–sort of a make-shift version of Jill’s.

    Too much butter for me, but I imagine E.J. would approve of the following–my sister extracts all the meat from her lobster before eating. While she is extracting the meat from the shell, she dumps the lobster meat in her dish of drawn butter. By the time she is finished cleaning the lobster her dish of butter is chock full of super butter-soaked lobster.


  • Joey, I am so glad to know this. We will be in Gloucester next month and will pick up lobsters from you and partake of this wonderful experience. Thanks!


  • This is a delicious lobsta roll…I have had it this way in Main, with mayo on side! Either way it is yummy! Leave the veggies for a later time!


  • My mouth is watering for NE Lobster- we can buy NE Lobsters at Publix here in Fla. BUT we cannot find “Cains” Mayo or hot dog rolls with the “slit” on top- they don’t even know what we are talking about when we ask for the hot dog with “slit” on top, so we can grill it with butter.
    I miss my hometown of Glosta and “Lobster”- here in Central Fla. they push N.E. lobster tails- I want to know what they do with the claws and bodies (best part of lobster)????


  • After all these years of tearing everyone a new one you go and change your recipe. You just can’t do that. unless you apologize to all the other recipes. 🙂


  • That’s a Connecticut lobster roll. Nothing wrong with that, still New England, more or less. I’m sticking with mayo.


  • The Mrs. my daughter-in-law makes the best lobster rolls. Always a treat. Can’t wait to taste it with just butter. I love lobster soaked in clarified butter. YUMMY


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