Community Stuff 9/10/12



Corliss Family Fundraiser

A friend of mine, Wayne Corliss, has been diagnosed with a terminal form of Cancer. A bunch of friends are joining forces and (struggling) are putting on a Fundraiser for Wayne and his wife, Dianne. Can you help us spread the word?

It will be held at the Cruiseport Gloucester on Wed. the 12th of September from 7-11pm. The evening includes: Food, Music (Major Nelson and the Screamin’ Jeanies) Silent Auction, Chinese Auction, Dancing and a cash bar. Tickets are $25 each and can be purchased at the door or at these locations: Cape Ann Travel Services @ 978-282-8216    NorthShore Veterinary Hospital @ 978-283-0214     Putnam Veterinary Clinic @ 978-887-3836    Cape Ann Veterinary Hospital @ 978-283-3238

Monetary donations & auction items are gratefully accepted!

ALL proceeds to benefit Wayne & Dianne Corliss       

I have know Wayne for over ten years…he has a very special place in my heart. We all know what the outcome for him is. It’s very upsetting for me as well as others around him. (not to mention Wayne) We are all trying to stay optimistic and are gathering to help them out financially…Wayne has been out of work for months and Dianne has taken alot of time off to care for him. There is nothing more we can do…the battle itself is his & his alone.

If you can get this information out on Goodmorning Gloucester, I think it will reach out to lots of folks who would want to pitch in, but are unaware of Waynes struggle.

You can reach me by Email or my Cell- 978-423-9819

Thanks Joey!

Donna Piraino



How can you take pictures of galaxies and comets without owning a
camera or a telescope?
Long-time GAAC member Gary Meehan has been taking photos of the night
sky using remote, robotic telescopes located out in the Sacramento
Mountains of southern New Mexico for a couple of years now. He’s
imaged comets, emission nebulae, star clusters and galaxies, using
none of his own equipment other than a computer.
At the September 14 GAAC meeting, he’ll explain the advantages of
taking this approach, and explain how you can do this too.
He’ll give a quick overview of the New Mexico facility, and show how
to go about planning an imaging session, including the need to use
different sorts of tools to monitor the remote weather conditions, and
demonstrate an imaging session. If time permits, Gary will show you
how to go about forming a final color picture from a series of images
taken through several filters.
GAAC meets at 8:00 pm on the second Friday of every month, at St Paul
Lutheran Church in Lanesville. We’re online at ,
and on Facebook at



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