What the Rubber Duck? #002

This a variation on Where is the Rubber Duck. First one was too easy. See that sign attached to the Rubber Duck door? Where did it come from?No hints except that the sign was fully visible some years ago In Gloucester. If no one gets it I will start giving hints. If you know the answer come on down to EJ’s party this afternoon to get your Rubber Duck autographed GMG stickah.


  • Looks like Halibut Point


    • Close enough, it’s Andrews Point just across Hoop Pole Cove from Halibut Point. But no autographed sticker for that answer. The question is, where did that sign come from?

      I’ll start with some hints. The sign was not attached to a board with a small door. It was attached to a big door. And the services are church services. One may have last seen the sign in the 80s, not sure when it was taken down. The person who gets the right answer will probably know when.


  • No one got this so I’ll give some hints.

    1) The sign was on the front door of a church.
    2) The church is no longer a church but the public is still invited (and now through the front door.)
    3) The “services” were the church services which you entered through the side door.
    4) The sign landed up in a cabinetmaker’s shop on the very opposite end of Cape Ann from the church.
    5) The cabinetmaker made new doors for the church. (Maybe 2003?)
    So think of a church that is no longer a church and there was a door to the left and down that was the real entrance.


  • 6) Church was on Rocky Neck.

    Anyone? Bueller?


  • Now the Rocky Neck Cultural Center, formerly the Christian Science Church.


  • Oh yeah, I remember da sign like it wuz yesterday. RD signed sticka – woo hoo!

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  • Paul T Morrison

    The cabinetmaker made the small door for his cat. The cat lived behind the door inside the cabinetmaker’s shop. Cat’s name was Lefty. There is a granite marker in the backyard I made for Lefty’s grave. Loki and Maddie markers are also out there.


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