We see a trend and we like it: competition & collaboration bolster performance

Talented local artists, who started out solo, are beginning to record with bands.  Here are two recent examples:

Marina Evans just released a new EP with her Glosta band featuring one of her best songs (buy it here).  Listen here:

You can see Marina tonight at the Dog Bar with the great Dave Brown.

And Chelsea Berry, who ROCKED North Shore Music Theatre on June 28  (see video below) is about to record with her new band.  She’s doing what all smart, talented independent artists do — raising money herself on KickStarter, where people donate to the project and get something when it’s done.  We donated because we can’t wait to hear her new album.  You can donate too by going here.  See Chelsea with Anna Dagmar at the Old Sloop Coffeehouse in Rockport on Saturday.

Why do we like this trend?  Because sparks of genius ignite fires of creative collaboration and competition.  Don’t you think the Beatles were better as a group than any one of them individually?  You can probably name several other examples like this.  These two elements — competition and collaboration —  inspire most performers to be, at the same time, more disciplined and more dramatic, thereby enhancing the quality and entertainment value of their performances.

Finally, there’s the fact that we love the SOUND of ensemble music, whether it’s a string quartet, rock band, big horn section or full symphony.

As Brad Byrd explains in the video below (after his solo performance), “most every song can use a little something .. to give the listener a little ear candy … to make the song fully realized …”  Hear the fully realized version Zero to the 101 here.

Remember, it’s still summer and Rocky Neck Art Colony presents their final Nights on the Neck tonight with live music at seven locations from 5-9:30pm.  Plus there are six indoor venues with live music tonight as well.  See the full live music lineup here.

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