Where Is Rubber Duck? #001

A new Rubber Duck Series, Where is Rubber Duck starts today to kick off the Schooner Festival. We will be working out the grand prizes but right now for #001 the first GMGer to enter into the comments the exact location of Rubber Duck will win a GMG bumper sticker autographed by Rubber Duck. Completeness counts. Getting the what and why will ensure victory.Where Is Rubber Duck?Hints:

1) R. Duck’s location has something to do with the Schooner Festival.

2) Greg Bover cannot play this round.


  • Sitting on top of the worm gear on Adventure’s rudder shaft.


    • You nailed it Gloria. Rubber Duck was impressed by the huge amount of metal in the worm gear needed to easily turn the massive rudder on the 140 ton Adventure. A quick google finds that the worm gear that was machined by A.P. Stoddart first opened their shop at 236 Main Street, Gloucester in 1906. (I think they were casting schooner parts before that but the main street store was for caring for the newfangled horseless carriages. If something broke they likely just made the part since NAPA auto parts was inconvenient.)

      I will get the signed sticker down to Joey this weekend so you can pick it up at the dock.


  • I’d guess she’s on Schooner Adventure. The actual thing she is on top of and what it does, I haven’t got the foggiest idea.


  • The Stoddart of Gloucester gave it away! And the fact that Greg Bover could not play made it way to easy!


  • Great Idea for the rubber duck I will enjoy watching her adventures and seeing the unusual places she turns up.


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