Rubber Duck Gets a Parking Ticket!!

Just to show the honorable and effective meter maids of Gloucester do not play favorites they practically put the ticket under RD’s bill. But since Rubber Duck did indeed stretch the idea of a parking spot a bit parking at the front door of the Cape Ann Brew she went and paid the $15 fine promptly.

A bill stuck under the bill, god I suck at puns.

RD Fun fact: Don’t let these tickets sit in your pocket since the fine just gets bigger. Go to: , type in your ticket number and your plate number then shwing, you can use your credit card. They do tack on $3.50 if paid electronically but it is well worth it to get it off your dash or desk top. Pay a parking ticket, fill a pothole.

And it was well worth it. Rubber Duck was giving Shelley the visiting Biochemist from New Mexico the full Cape Ann tour which included lobster pick up and meeting Joey at the dock as well as the fish and chips (awesome huge chunks of haddock) at Cape Ann Brew.


  • shame on the meter maid treating a Gloucester guest and a promoter of all things Gloucester a ticket. Not a good way of welcoming to our city


    • If those traffic enforcement officers did not do their job Gloucester would be a mess and no one would be able to find a parking spot. No, Rubber Duck did the crime and she’ll serve her time gladly to make Gloucester a better place to visit. And no favoritism allowed. (Actually there are certain people who may be spreading rumors that Rubber Duck is evil and thus may have attracted law enforcement but that is just idle gossip.)


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