Back To Back Days Of Mutant Lobsters Landed At Captain Joe and Sons In Gloucester MA

Yesterday Captain Richie Cassola a retired policeman from Beverly landed a speckled lobster (our second speckled lobster landed this year) of which the New England Aquarium claims are one in 30 million. I predicted the over under at 3 for speckled lobsters landed here at our dock this year way back on June 4th.  2 Down with 4 months to go.  I like the over!

Read the AP Story From the new England aquarium claiming their calico lobster as one in 30 million here

2012-08-27 14.10.122012-08-27 14.10.18

and Today Mark and matt Ring from The Stanley Thomas Land a Blue one.

2012-08-28 14.15.182012-08-28 14.15.25

It’s what we do.

Just add it to the already most mutated lobsters documented at one dock anywhere in the world collection- here at Captain Joe and Soons in Gloucester MA.


Click below for the slideshow of all the mutant lobsters landed here at our dock.

We have more documented mutated lobsters here than any other dock on the planet!


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