Frank Ciolino Has A Major Dilemma

Frank is looking for advice.  He adamantly does not want a smartphone or pay the extra $20 for the data plan but is due for a free upgrade.

He was offered a free upgrade for what seems to be the perfect phone for Frank’s needs.  It only weighs 75 pounds and is equipped with a rotary dial.  Perfect for Frank so he can save that $20 a month for the phone that doesn’t have the data plan.


Pictured Frank Ciolino with his 2005 cell phone.

You know what I love?  I love to hear all these people proudly boasting that they don’t need a smartphone and they don’t want a smartphone.  Inevitably one by one they all succumb and get an iPhone or an android phone and then the first things that comor out of their mouths the next day is “I can’t believe I waited this long to get one”.

Every one of them.


  • this is awesome! I sooooo agree with Frank! My phone is Fisher Price and my daughter has a better phone than I do! I know its hard to believe because i’m so hip and with the times 🙂


  • Thanks to Joey and darling daughter Liv’s cajoling, I did get an iPhone last year and LOVE it. Makes communicating with kids and clients and friends so much easier, and way more fun than stinky fossil phones.
    And Great little camera, too. Thank you Joey and Liv!!!


  • I contributed quite a few photos to the Gloucester HarborWalk, which is amazing! Sadly, I don’t have a smartphone, or even dumb phone. But I can look at the GHW multimedia content on my computer:


  • Call me old fashioned, but I’m sticking with my old fossil dumb phone which works just fine to make phone calls, which is what a phone is supposed to do. Also, I’m pretty sure that piece of equipment in front of Frank is some kind of antique calculator, not a rotary phone.


  • I’m with E.J., the simplier the better, I have a $42 phone and it is the bomb, all my friends are forever, looking, playing or doing something with their phones, turn them off and enjoy the day.


  • I’m in the very same situation. I don’t want to pay the extra $30 for another data plan and I’m due for an upgrade. I’ve had the same phone for 4 years. My daughter Kayla has an i-phone 4s and I must say, it does some pretty cool things. However, I understand that verizon now has a “shared data plan”. I’m sure I’ll be giving in very soon now. And yes Joey, I’ll probably love it too, just like everyone else.


  • Happy Day! Personally, I’m gonna keep my oldie but goodie ‘dumb’ phone, cause when I get rid of it that is another piece of my human generated waste that mother earth is going to have to ingest at all of our expense. There is no where to throw anything non biodegradable ‘away’. Out of respect for our planet, our children and myself, I keep every single thing I own as long as I possibly can, not only because I am thrifty (which I am), but more importantly because I love our environment. PEACE!


  • I dumped my Android because it simply did not work. Dropped calls, logy texting and a map that consistently assured me I was in the middle of a lake. Useless and a waste of $30/month. Basic phone calls/texts/photos and if I need directions there is always someone beside me dying to show off his I-toy.


  • Thank you all who stuck up for Me. The way I see it Some people need a Cadillac with all its cool gadgets and buttons (and there is nothing wrong with that) and some of us are happy with our chevys (kind of a plain jane get the job done kinda thing) and thats ok too. Besides It will give Joey something to laugh at when I’m down the dock hanging around.


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