Bill Hubbard Has A Beef With Wikipedia Over The Location Of The First Coast Guard Air Station

First Coast Guard Air Station was established on Ten Pound Island – But Wikipedia has the wrong location

Hey, Joey,
Most of us know that the first US Coast Guard Air Station was built on Ten Pound Island in Gloucester Harbor but the know-all be-all online encyclopedia, Wikipedia has it wrong.  They wrongly state that the present Coast Guard Base on Harbor loop was built on the site of the first Coast Guard Air Station.
I’ve attached a picture of the first plane stationed on Ten Pound Island and of the fist Base Commander and Pilot to fly that plane.  The two early Coast Guard aviators, pictured together in their flying gear on May 5, 1927, established the first successful U.S. Coast Guard air unit on Ten Pound Island, Gloucester, Mass., in 1925, using one Vought seaplane borrowed from the Navy.  From left are Commander Carl C. von Paulsen who commanded Coast Guard Base 7, Gloucester, and the attached air unit (January 1925 to May 1928); and Ensign Leonard M. Melka who acted as pilot and mechanic. 
I’ve asked Wikipedia to correct their error but,,,don’t hold your breath….There are several Coast Guard websites which will veryify that information including:
Bill Hubbard


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  • Wiki relies on people contributing, and asks for ratings of reliability. In this case, I think it needs updating. Tomorrow on GMG I’ll post a photo that may clarify the issue. 1st CG Air Station built on Harbor Loop – I think not. I’ll show you tomorrow


  • It’s Wikipedia! If you know that much about it, *you* correct the error!
    These might help: and .

    (good luck)


  • I’ve edited wikipedia pages for years and have no idea how you ask them to correct something. You just edit it. That is why Wikipedia has fewer mistakes in it than the Encyclopedia Britannica.

    If you email me exactly what needs replacing and with what I can do it in two seconds. You can too. Go ahead. There is an edit button up on the top. As wiki says, “be bold”. If you make a mistake and screw the page up there will be a wiki editor that sweeps by in moments and reverts the change.

    You can also add your photos. If you want me to add the photos just tell me what copyright you would like to apply. You could make them open to the world or you could restrict them because you know the owner and that they should only be linked to the wikipedia page that you designate.


  • The Gloucester Coast Guard wiki page:

    It is a one page stub written by of all people a native of Cape Cod who became active in just the last two months . Bill, I think you need to write the page. Be bold, just add all the information you have. just write in where you got the information and I will go in later and change them to “official” wiki references. The syntax on that is a little boggling. I have made the page one of my “watched” pages so I’ll be by right after you add stuff.


  • Thanks, Paul. I didn’t know I could do that. I just made the edit correction. Pretty neat.


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