Got Great Goat Cheese?

Gloucester Quilter submits-

Here in Gloucester, we know great food. And we know the importance of fresh, local food. Gail Hobbs-Paige is a James Beard Award Winning Chef and a dear friend of Gloucester Quilter. She left the kitchen to start a goat farm in rural Virginia. Since 2007, Gail has also become the face of "slow food" advocacy efforts (chefs communicating the value of cooking with locally grown products) in Virginia. Her work and cheese has been written up in Bon Appettit, Washington Post, Southern Living to name a few. Like our own E.J. Lefavour, Gail has turned to KickStarter to take her homegrown business to the next level – because her product is that good.  Gail and Caromont Farm are in the final stages of "Vats the Idea" campaign to buy the next generation vat-cheese-making machine.

LIMITED TO 10: If you pledge $100, you will get 1000g of Caromont Cheve along with a selection of her small-batch, specialty cheeses or charcuterie cured meats 6-times a year = every other month you will get a sample of great, fresh, local, artisanal goat cheeses and/or cured meats.

There are lower pledge-levels to support Gail and Caromont Farms. Trust us: you will not be disappointed.

Click here to email Caromot Farms. Call Caromont Farms at 434-831-393.


Gloucester Quilter

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