Yo, If any of you twitter folks out there don’t know it, Maritime Gloucester Has a Twitter Account.

Someone asked me for a couple of the must do things in G Town and I replied a sunset cruise on The Lannon, A Visit To Maritime Gloucester, The Cape Ann Museum and a mudiga steak bomb sandwich at Virgilios.

Bill O’Connor from North Shore Kid just so happened to send me in this little blurb about Maritime Gloucester-

Hi Joey,

One of the best things about Maritime Gloucester is that this time of year, there’s always something new to see.  We stopped by on Monday and they had a couple of baby squid in the large tank.  This one was only about 2 ½” long, and was doing his best to camouflage himself…

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


What you twitterites may not know is that Maritime Gloucester has a Twitter presence an dthey are pretty active.  follow them here- http://www.twitter.com/MaritimeGlou


  • What an amazing and beautiful photo of a squid, and a great shot Bill! I’ve leaned over the railing at the Maritime Center near where the ramp goes down to the gigs and dories, where there’s a light. You can see the squid propelling themselves backwards and forwards. There are also large striped bass hiding in the shadows, waiting to strike. Great show to watch.


  • Thanks Fred. The coolest thing about this was that the squid could see us through the glass and as would try to change it’s patterns every time we moved.


  • Aww – release that kraken!


  • Mary Kay Taylor, Education Director Maritime Gloucester

    Hi Judy,
    Don’t worry, all of the animal specimens we have at our aquarium are caught and released throughout the season. We’ll take good care of the squid and set the little guy free in a couple of days!

    In the event that a creature comes in and is unfit to be released, we work with a lot of great partners to find a permanent home for it.

    Thanks for such a great post Joey and Bill!


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