Piper Cub–Gloucester Harbor–1946

Hello Joey,

Thought the picture attached might prove of interest to some.  It was taken in 1946 by a friend of mine as I taxied out for takeoff from the base at Stage Fort Park, in a Piper J-3 Cub on floats.  The veiws from the air around Cape Ann were spectacular.  I would fly over and land and take off in Magnolia Harbor.  Just back from military service that summer, I got my long yearned for solo at the Beverly Airport, then got checked out in float planes at Gloucester.  That operation only lasted a few years, but I was glad they made it possible for me to get that seaplane solo while living in Magnolia.  Accumulated a few thousand hours thereafter in other parts of the country.

Keep ’em flying!

George Krewson



  • Carol Lake-Terrell

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a Cape Ann Tour Plane. Love the flyovers they had on Cable Channel few years ago.


  • I would love to see this come back someday. So awesome !


  • Rich Fitzpatrick

    Does anyone recall the story, just after WWII, of a young pilot stationed in Salem flying over The Straitsmouth Inn and Island (in Rockport) to impress his girlfriend who worked there, only to fly too low and crash into the Kieran woods nearby?


    • My family lived there by the woods and my older brother (who was around 8-9 at the time) ran with his friend away from the crash. They had been playing in the woods. They thought the airplane was going to hit them. They were so scared they ran past their respective homes and all the way to a relative’s house much farther away. As you can imagine, my mother was frantic until she got a call saying the boys were fine. Even a decade later as I was playing in those woods, we would go to the crash site which had been so scorched that nothing grew there for a long time and dig around and find pieces of molten metal.


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