Most Perplexing Gloucester Intersection Poll

Here it is the poll in reference to this post yesterday-

Which intersection in Gloucester do you think perplexes the most drivers?

Posted on August 21, 2012 by

Post your nominee in the comment section of this post and I’ll create a poll


  • Joey, you left out East Main Street’s two spots:
    ->East Main heading towards Eastern Point, just before the Cripple Cove Landing
    ->East Main at East Gloucester square. Especially when you’re heading out of East Gloucester, people always stop there for no reason.


  • ANY intersection that isn’t clearly marked with STREET SIGNS. That goes for almost ANYWHERE in this state. Enuff to drive you CRAZY!!


  • Main Street eastbound, by Lee’s and Connolly’s, where eastbound traffic wanting to turn onto Eastern Avenue meets northbound Main Street traffic heading for downtown. Both think they have the right of way, despite the yield sign for the traffic wanting to turn left onto Eastern. Scary especially when an 18-wheeler with a texting driver decides it has the right of way.


  • Only one rotary intersection bothers me big time. It’s the crossover part for pedestrians on Washington Street. The other intersections are a piece of cake, as far as I am concerned. Have you ever tried to cross that spot? Talk about being in fear for your life. The flashing lights and lit up sign goes off way before you get there causing drivers to stop, look, wait and even continue because they see no one is in site and then when you finally make it across, the lights stay on when you are well on your way down the road causing the rotary traffic to brake when no one is even there. I know all of this first hand from making the trek on foot and by vehicle. It’s amazes me that the fence was taken down from the A. Piatt Andrew Bridge, because? It was put up, because? Safety? I would love to see a walkover for pedestrians at the first rotary spot. I am sure others would too. It would be so much safer and you would not have to live in fear of being hit or hitting someone.
    I guess perplexed is not the word, fearful is. Just had to say my piece.


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