Susan McGee asks About Vegetarian Restaurant offerings Around Gloucester For her Visit


Hello Joey,

How lucky I am to have stumbled upon your Interactive Eats page!  Great work!  I could use some of your help, if you have a few minutes. 

I have enjoyed several trips to Gloucester with visiting friends (we are in Salem, NH).  Very soon my family will be visiting and we want to explore Gloucester during the Schooner Festival.  We have an 87 year old Mom with us, so we are limited in speed and distance for walking.  We are planning to get to Gloucester early, and base ourselves around the Harbor Loop, take the water taxi for some easy water time to view the schooners, and go to different locations in Gloucester in the water taxi. 

Here is where I need your help – Do you know of any good places to eat that have at least a few vegetarian dishes?  While I am a huge seafood fan, one person is not, so ideally there is a place with good seafood and other options for vegetarians as well.  My plan is to park at Harbor Loop.  Hopefully we will find suitable parking if we get there early enough.  Maybe the water taxi goes to some great place within the harbor?

In the meantime, I will go through all the listings in your map and check out their menus.  Just thought you might know of something off the top of your head.  Thanks so  much for putting the map together!

Susan McGee

Anyone have some good suggestions for Susan?  Pipe right up in the comment section of this post.


  • The Cape Ann Brewery has the best veggie burger in the planet.


  • Giuseppe’s has a ton of vegetarian Italian dishes. Tortellini Creme Rosa, with spinach, broccoli and breaded eggplant. We have some big huge salads. our lasagna is vegetarian. Create your own pasta or pizza, vegetarian!


  • How awesome! 2 birds with one stone…We travel to Gloucester often, and I mean like 4-6 times a month and I usually dine on side salad and onion rings when I’m there because I have limited info on your vegetarian fare as well.


  • Alchemy. Without a doubt. Deliciousness to the 10th degree. My daughter is a Veg and demands to go there when she visits. Fabulous wine list too!


  • My spouse is a vegetarian who also has a dairy allergy, so eating out around Cape Ann is often a challenge, but we’ve found some good stuff (and as a result, eat out more than we probably should)! All of the above-mentioned options are great. Lat 43 has a few yummy veg sushi rolls, as does Madfish Grill on Rocky Neck. Cafe Bishko on west Main St. has quite a few vegetarian sandwich options, plus if you’re avoiding dairy, you can get frozen tofu with mix-ins instead of frozen yogurt.

    If you do want to use the car (or for other vegetarian readers of this post), Mile Marker One at the Cape Ann Marina also has a few things on their menu to choose from: hummus plate, portabella burger, and a nice pasta dish. A lot of these places have interesting salads, too, like MM1’s Thai Salad, which are more than enough for a good meal.

    Venturing out of Gloucester , a few of Alchemy’s sister restaurants have some good offerings: Cala’s in Manchester will make a pizza without cheese if you want (oil and garlic base), and 15 Walnut in Hamilton also has a nice vegetable ratatouille.


  • I’ll second Alchemy, and add that Ken Duckworth usually has a few tasty veg items on his daily menu.


  • Susan –

    Bishco Bishco Bishco!

    Go to Café Bishco! It’s on Main Street in the West End. They have a huge selection of vegetarian fare — their soups and sandwiches are amazing. Not just one or two offerings either, but many options, possibly half their menu. On one recent visit, the family even mentioned that many (all?) of them had personally switched to a vegan diet… so your vegetarian guest will be in great company.

    Even better yet, the omnivores in your family won’t know the difference. They make some of the best meat-y sandwiches you can find on the North Shore. And they’re HUGE. You can easily make their sandwiches last for two meals.

    Here’s GMG’s coverage of Café Bishco, with plenty of pics and videos:

    And check out their stellar Yelp reviews:


  • Thanks everyone for the fast replies! And to you, Joey, for posting. Good eats everyone!


  • Stone’s Pub does a nice Portabello sandwich and grilled cheese w/tomato, perfect with their sweet potato fries! They’ve also done a veg version of their nachos for us too. Passports usually has at least one veg option, as does The Franklin.
    Willow Rest has great salads, a couple of veg sandwiches and great veg pizzas. Enjoy!


    • Love the Willow Rest…Anything I’ve ever had there is wonderful, fresh and more than I can eat at one sitting. Yummy.


  • Passports has a ton of salads, you can get veggie pasta and choose from six different sauces. Veggie paella, mushroom torte, veggie roll ups or quesadillas.


  • This may sound unexpected, but SMOKIN’ JIM’S BARBEQUE has scrumptious veg. soups, best Coleslaw in town, home made cornbreads —all made by Jim’s Judy at home.So if you are a mixed gang, you can find the very best barbeque for some and delicious sides for others, no kidding!


  • My children are vagan…most places in Gloucester will prepare what you would like la-trattoria-pizzeria-gloucester, horizons chinese, gloucester house, Sugar Mags, Passports, Cafe Bisho are all places we eat with no problem, and are all in walking distance. Enjoy!


  • I’ve been pleased with the vegan options around town, many places are amenable to altering meals slightly for me or flat out have options! To add to the list, I also like the Azorean a lot, they have several vegetarian tapas that can also be made vegan, and have a few vegetarian meal options. The portabella wrap on their lunch menu is divine, also!


  • Alchemy – they have vegetarian dishes and they are fantastic about special requests (and being the queen of special requests, I would know) 🙂


  • I endorse all the options listed, and I would add that a newer place, OHANA, has some great veggie options, too. It’s close to where Pleasant intersects with Main, so near Harbor Loop (tho’ not as near as Alchemy, another great spot).


  • Alchemy – close to where you will be stationed – delicious vegetarian options as well as seafood.


  • Alchemy – very close to Harbor Loop, many delicious vegetarian options as well as seafood.


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