FINALLY……You too can have a chance to see Sista Felicia in action and be a part of a Traditional Sicilian Dinner Preparation


After repeated requests, lots of begging, and downright cooking-night crashers…Sista Felicia has agreed to open her kitchen to the public.

Felicia will be cooking in her kitchen, with friends and family, at least 2 x a week and you now have an opportunity to watch Felicia in action, help with the food preparation, and finally eat all together at her famous dining room table.

The menus will be set with Mohan/Ciaramitaro traditional family favorites such as Sunday Zuggo, Braciule, and Meatballs, Dishes created from Gloucester’s Local Waters, Arancini Rice Balls and Pasta Bolognese Sauce, Chicken and Beef Speddini and Pasta, Homemade Pasta (Mmm), Homemade Sausage, Zucchini Night with 4-5 different Zucchini recipes, or Mudiga Bread Crumbs, Steaks, and Sangies.

Every meal will be accompanied by pre-dinner nibbles, specialty side salad, bread and dessert of Felicia’s choice. You will literally be eating your way through the evening.
The choices will be endless and you can feel free to request items you have seen on the Good Morning Gloucester blog site. You may also feel free to bring your favorite Italian wine or spirits to accompany your meal.

The Demonstration Classes will kick off on Wednesday, September 12th, at 6:30 PM… with Felicia’s all time favorite meal of a Traditional Sicilian Dinner. The cost will be $75 a person and the Space is Limited to 10 people.

Menus and Dates for Future Classes will be posted on Sista Felicia’s Kitchen’s Facebook Page and Good Morning Gloucester.

Special Demonstration Nights for Groups of 10 can be arranged.

To reserve your spot in Sista Felicia’s Kitchen….email
Hope to see you there.


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