Sail on City Hall Schooner needs help–David B. Cox Photos



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7 Responses to Sail on City Hall Schooner needs help–David B. Cox Photos

  1. schooner39 says:

    Shoulda been reefed. Don’t they have sailors in City hall?

  2. Maggie Rosa says:

    The City Hall Restoration Commission is working on the problem. It has been not trivial to address due to the height of the weathervane and safety issues regarding access to it. But with the support of local contractors and companies we are hopeful to get the weathervane fixed in the next month or so.
    If anybody is willing to scale the tower and bring the weathervane down to ground level without much concern for their safety and under your own insurance policy please let me know. Of course they would have to go back up once the weathervane is fixed.

  3. inf1 says:

    anybody name the vessel? i’ll hold the ladder for the first one to get it right..

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