Wagging for Schooners From Al Bezanson

Joey…. Here’s a shot from GREEN DRAGON a couple years ago when BLUENOSE II was still around.  Maggie here is savoring the odor of the haddock chowder wafting over from the Canadians’ galley and hoping for a chance to clean their bowls when they come ashore.  What happened was that she missed out on the chowder but did manage to grab the skipper’s hot dog when he was on the dock.  Hence the invasion of the BLUENOSE ll’s crew.  Fortunately we had a good supply of Fishermen’s Brew iced down and were able to calm them.

Maggie was also in attendance at ARDELLE’S launching, and here can be seen interviewing Cooper.  You can see Maggie’s blog here… it’s a long thread but scrolling down through it will acquaint you with some of her pals like Effie on Effie.


Attack from Bluenose IIMaggie and Cooper at Ardelle launch

One comment

  • I recently spoke with Phil Watson of the BNose and he said that the new one still isnt ready. That they are planning on comming to Gloucester next year. He wants to say hello to all the schooner skippers attending 2012/


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