Baccala recipes from Sefatia Romeo and Mark McDonough at yesterday’s Harbor Walk Ribbon Cutting

Right after the ribbon cutting and before Mayor Kirk led us on the walk, I had a chance to try the salt cod, a.k.a. baccala, get a preview of the dish that is available at Latitude 43 (while supplies last) and a lesson on how to prepare baccala from Sefatia.  Enjoy!

If you listen carefully you can hear Bob Ryan (of CATA) in the background while Sefatia is talking — explaining the origin of the word “Stage” in “Stage Fort Park”.  Leave us a comment if you know why it’s called “Stage Fort Park”.

In the video, Sefatia references a cooking show she taped with Sista Felicia.  See that show in the three videos below


  • A stage is where flaked (cleaned and split) fish are dried in the sun.


  • Gail Guittarr leaves this-
    In reply to how did Stage Fort Park get it’s name.. From along the
    Coast of Essex County it tells of “early 17th century 2 fishing enterprises set up there.

    The Dorchester Co from England and Roger Conant from the Plymouth Colony.
    Friction over Land grant was resolved by setting up 2 fishing stages.
    One for each company. Neither group prospered. Dorchester Co went
    back to England and Roger Conant left and settled Salem. The
    remaining Pilgrims, represented by Miles Standish, maintained the
    early settlements and made their living fishing, farming and sale of
    cord wood and lumber which was shipped to Salem and Boston. The Fort,
    where cannons are, was active in both Revolutionary War and War of
    1812. Stage Fort


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