Lumper’s Picnic, Labor Day, circa 1950 From Fred Bodin



In the large pot of boiling water: Monsta Lobsta’s. Beers of choice: Ballantine XXX and Blatz.


The Gloucester Lumper’s Picnic, Scandinavian Grove, circa 1950

From left to right in the photo above: Louie Houle, Jocko "Gas Bag" Powers, Mel Mountain, ?, ?, Bill Saint Pierre,?, ?, ?,and Wesley "Hank" Hannon.

Fred adds-

Hi Joey,

Glad you liked my Lumpers’ Picnic submission, scheduled for 6 pm tomorrow. I’m hosting a Lumpers’ Picnic themed reception in the gallery on Friday, August 10th for the Mayor and her Walk the Walk tour at 1:45 pm. I’m waiting to hear from Mark McDonough about a picnic platter before I put anything out. Maybe you’ll want to tack this onto my Lumper post, or do a separate one. Up to you my friend.

Thanks, Fred

Bodin Historic Photo

82 Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930

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  • Mark McDonough of Lattitude 43 has supplied us with some salt Cod, in a wooden box of course, which I will put on small stages, or fish drying racks to show how it was done in the past. There will also be olive oil sampling with Virgillio’s Bread of the Fishermen, gourmet cheese from the Cave, smoked fish, and light refreshments. Hope to see you tomorrow, Friday August 10th, around 1:45 pm, which is about when the Gloucester Harbor Walkers will arrive.


  • Marty Daley asks-
    Good morning Joey,
    Do think you can ask your viewers identify all of the guys at the lumpers picnic. Good luck, Marty


  • My Dad was a Lumper, I worked as a Kid , with another kid, Jimmy Chadwick, we served the food out
    I went with my dad and some of the other Lumpers while they got donations (More like shaking down)
    They didn’t want women there but they had a lot of gambling, chuck-a-luck and craps
    I think capt Coyle gave them a free pass


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