25 days to the Beam Reach From Al Bezanson

Joey…  more photos from GREEN DRAGON and another reminder…

The Gloucester Schooner Race takes place September 2nd.  Nowadays the race is set up as a beam reach, usually three times around a pair of buoys set a couple miles apart.    Schooners are at their best reaching, with the wind on the beam, and if there is a good breeze their big mainsails provide all the  power they can use.  Reaching is also the most comfortable point of sail – no rock and roll.  There is still space available for paying passengers on the larger boats, and the cost is usually less than the price of a ticket to a major league sporting event.

So, spectators, get off the boulevard and get on a boat for an up close and personal experience! 

Al Bezanson

GSF 2008image003Whee


  • Good stuff Al, and your photos are excellent: photos only a sailor could take. Hope to see you that weekend at the Monsta Lobsta Bash! In Cod We Trust, especially in Fish City.


    • You’re too kind Fred. Is that new RX100 camera as good as Joey says?

      As for the Monsta Lobsta Bash….. Joey has a little problem with us ‘schoonerheads’. We don’t mind being called that, but where did he ever see ‘the usual faded stone washed t-shirts’ on real schooner people?


  • “Al Congratulations
    Green Dragon looks as good today as she did when we were young.


    • Jeez, Jay where are you? Haven’t heard from you since that delivery we did from Maine on the cement schooner DUNMOWEN back in the 60’s. I shudder whenever I recollect it.


  • Great pictures! Love these. Thanks for sharing.


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