I Propose A Monster Lobster Bash At Maritime Gloucester’s New Harriett Webster Pier for Schooner Festival

At night under the lights- huge rows of picnic tables.  The crews of the Schooners, Our Fishermen, Our Community-  A lobster, ear of corn.  Kegs of Fisherman’s  Brew, Ryan and Wood Folly Cove Rum, fun under the lights!!!!

A bash, proceeds to Maritime Gloucester, fun for all, move a ton of lobsters which help promote our local lobster industry.  Let’s Do It! Let’s make It An Annual Tradition!

Kinda Like The White Party Where everyone brings their own picnic baskets and tables.

Our lobster dock Captain Joes will provide them for tiny margin over cost.

Schooner Festival should be one of the Top 3 events in this whole city but it always seems to come and hardly anyone except for the schoonerheads knows about it.

Lets get the community down the Heritage Center and blow it out!  Reminiscent of the old Lumper picnics.


Gino Mondello what do you say?  Tom Balf what do you say?

Mary Kay  Taylor what do you say?


Schooner Festival Lobster Fest FTW!

Check out the scene of the proposed crime at The Maritime Gloucester Web Cam


About Joey C

The creator of goodmorninggloucester.org Lover of all things Gloucester and Cape Ann. GMG where we bring you the very best our town has to offer because we love to share all the great news and believe that by promoting others in our community everyone wins.
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26 Responses to I Propose A Monster Lobster Bash At Maritime Gloucester’s New Harriett Webster Pier for Schooner Festival

  1. I’m in. Great idea! I was there last night for a rowers’ reunion with Ellen and Thomas Winkler, who now live in Germany. Post on this event coming up. Gloucester Gig Rowers may be able to help facilitate setup, service, cleanup, etc. They always seem to step up to help Maritime Gloucester. GMG + MG = Win Win

  2. Kathy Slifer says:

    Great Idea !

  3. already thinking what to wear.. sounds fun

  4. Wendy Morgan says:

    Super idea!

  5. Fantastic idea. We were just hanging out on that pier last week and I was thinking about how beautiful it is. Would love to be eating Cap’n Joe’s lobsters with a bunch of other people there.

    • Joey C says:

      That’s what I’m saying. Let’s open that joint up to people other than the usual faded stone washed t-shirt Schoonerheads and make it a true Gloucester Community Event! Let blow the roof off that mother!

  6. Someone’s all wound up this morning.
    I’ll take 2 Tickets Please.

  7. Yes!!!! Lobsters on the pier! Very generous to offer a tiny margin over cost Joey…

  8. Kevin says:

    We’ll drive up from ‘Joisey’ for this one !

  9. Tom Ellis says:

    I guess I’m one of those faded washed out schooner heads, but I’m in. Let me know what I can do to help.

  10. Joey C says:

    Waiting on official word from Maritime Gloucester………..

  11. Fredrik Bodin says:

    We all need to get behind this event and let Maritime Gloucester know that we support this event. I totally support MG and GMG. MG will do it the the right way, with proper procedures. The first annual MG + GMG Monsta Lobsta Bash CAN happen, and it would be a shame if it fell thru the cracks. Send your letter of support to: tbalf@gloucestermaritimecenter.org and to GoodMorningGloucester@yahoo.com

  12. Fredrik Bodin says:

    This could be a very advantageous strategic alliance for two local organizations that I know very well and support 110%. I have been a member of the Gloucester Gig Rowers for several years, and also a Founding Member of Maritime Gloucester from day one. I’ve also been a regular contributor to Good Morning Gloucester for a year and a half, and hosted and attended quite a few of their social events. Both organizations ROCK. I know these GMG folks, and I trust them with no reservations. Not just Joey, but all of them. And trust me on this: The GMG authors and contributors will step up and do what needs do be done. When I was rowing the Siren Song gig in the early days of MG, we had a saying: If you have an event – we’ll come – WE ARE THE PARTY!

  13. Al Bezanson says:

    Seems like a good plan, but can we get the webcam turned off? Us folks you call ‘schoonerheads’ (where’d you get that term Joey?) might be gettin’ a little crazy after they roll that keg of Ryan & Wood onto the wharf.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The Gloucester Schooner festival Commitee has pretty much committed to a schedule of shoreside events for the week end in question. I think this idea has merit and could help both the Commitee as well as Maritime Gloucester. I suggest you speak to Daisy Nell, head of the a schooner Festival Commitee, or Tim Burton at the Chamber of Commerce.

    • “Schoonerheads” is just Joey being Joey. Don’t take it personally. He is now your best friend – use it or lose it, If I were on the Schooner Race Committee, I would amend the plans and accommodate this event. This is a great opportunity. If you embrace and support it, your Gloucester Schooner Festival will benefit tremendously for many years to come. How many people will read what I just wrote right here tomorrow? Think 50,000 views in one day. Then there will be the photos posted of the Monsta Lobsta Bash and the race itself. As Joey would say: “Who do ya’ got”: A shoreside event for the crews (that can be rescheduled), or a one night gala of $9.99 lobster dinners (30 are free for schooner crew members) and a couple of hundred attendees (your other best friends), and a hundred thousand+ people viewing your event (this does not include mainstream media which monitors GMG). My advice: DO IT — I KNOW. I’ve had a few parties at my gallery with GMG: Mayor of Gloucester, City Councilor Sefathia – the God Mother, and other Councilors, and more people than I could count. If you don’t believe me, come to my gallery around 1:45 this Friday, August 10th. Mayor Carolyn Kirk, maybe the Lt. Governor, probably our state senator and state rep, will attend. And of course lots of people.

  15. Russ Smith says:

    The Gloucester Schooner Festival Commitee has been meeting almost monthly since last years event, as has scheduled events for the week end in question. I suggest you contact the Chairperson of the Commitee, Daisy Nell, or Tim Burton at the Chamber of. commerce. If scheduling can be worked out, I think an event as opposed could benefit both Maritime Gloucester and the Schooner Festival Commitee.

  16. Al Bezanson says:

    I don’t believe this conflicts with what the Festival Committee had in mind, and is in fact a perfect fit. The Committee had already decided to ‘reinvent’ Saturday by dropping the crew party at the Gloucester House and taking the small boat races out of the festival. The idea was to allow more time for schooner crews and passengers to mingle, to interact with the public and just wander about Gloucester. Maritime Gloucester is the perfect central location for this.

  17. schooners, lobster and a lot of fun on the dock!. count us in.

  18. Anonymous says:

    sounds great! when ?

  19. Joey C says:

    It was August 6th 2012 when I wrote about this. No idea of the success it could have in just one year! Clearly we struck a cord! Kudos to Maritime Gloucester and the Gloucester Schooner Festival Committee!!!

  20. Fredrik Bodin says:

    Brilliant Joey! I was a volunteer selling tickets and collecting money today, alongside Mike Costello. We sold several hundred lobsters, and that doesn’t include prepaid tickets. It was great to have Sista’ Felicia across the way serving up the meals, and your Mom Pat with her sincere hug, as always. So happy to be part of this. As you always ask me, when I go down the dock, if I’m living the dream, I say: “Yep, I’m living the dream.” This weekend says it all, and the big lady hasn’t sung yet. Get ready for some crazy and radical schooner race photos tomorrow. Promise.

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