• kristen cusumano

    best thing ive ever watched. great job guys! and even greater lobby roll!


  • Thanks for the interview, Joey. Next time I want a warning so my stylist and trainer can coordinate. Kidding. Hope to see everyone tomorrow for some fresh lobster rolls!!!


  • Amazing deal–I’ll be there today for lunch, and maybe for dinner, too. I heard through GMG that Surfside only uses Captain Joe’s lobster so we gave it a try last week. Matt’s roll is fantastic–sweet, fresh lobster meat, and perfectly dressed, with just a touch of mayo. My husband ordered the French fries and I nearly ate half–out of this world–super crisp and with a flavorful seasoning that I couldn’t quite place. Both dinners were that super delicious-surfside-summer-shack-wonderfulness—and inexpensive!


  • Had one yesterday “the Last One” the wife had to settle for a delicious steak bomb. LOL
    Was one of the best Ive had in some time, we will be back but get there earlier.


  • Next time were in town im going to get 2 Surfside has Great Food


  • I went there a couple of three weeks ago and got the last two lobster rolls they had: One for me and one for Janet. She decided she didn’t want lobster, so I ate mine – and hers! Both were delicious. Thinking about going tomorrow night.


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