• As an educator, with 2 children who have attended private colleges – during which time the cost was quite expensive already @ $20,000+, & $30,000+ – we believe private college education has been priced out of reach for most families. We were lucky that our son & daughter were good students & received scholarships – although they are both still paying off additionallly necessary college loans.
    There are many excellent institutions of higher learning that do not cost as much, but are still not inexpensive, nonetheless.
    College costs today have become astronomical, unfortunately. Yes, there are good, well-known private colleges, However, they’ve become, primarily, institutions of higher learning for the more privileged among us. Their names alone ‘open doors’ – while the graduates may not be the best qualified students.

    Many state universities & colleges, & lesser-known colleges, have excellent programs. The secret to them is: (1) researching which schools are well-known for specific majors; & (2) having your children work to be the best students they can be, while realistically also being willing to ‘work’ a PT job while they go to school.

    For many, community colleges may be the best place to begin. Massachusetts has a good community college system. Plus, not everyone has to go to college.
    In the end, it all depends upon the student & his/her parents. That being said, the rising costs of private education are out of hand, & there is no end in sight. And, you don’t always get what you pay for.

    The students themselves makes their educational experience ‘work’, by what they do ro don’t do; also if they & their families made the right choice for a good ‘fit’; have professors who care; & are willing to work hard to achieve their goals. A private college will not make any difference, & $$ can/will be saved.

    Education should be a right, not a privilege; & not for only a privileged few.


  • A resounding YES to the question.


  • I went to Salem State University and am very happy with the education. After that I attended Northeastern for a Masters Degree. Sadly, during my 4 years at Salem I saw an almost double in college FEES while the tuition stayed the same. At Northeastern the annual cost is over 53K!!! (http://www.northeastern.edu/admissions/costs/tuition.html). I spend around 32K over 4 years to get my Masters. My recommendation… do a 4 year state school program which is far less than private colleges and then attend the private college for a Masters. The highest education you have is the one most people and companies care about.

    The reason (I think) colleges cost so much is because student loan money is so easy to get. But I’m no expert.


  • The value curve has simply not kept up with the cost curve, at all.


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