Poll: Coyote vs Lovable Pet Who Ya Got?

In light of the shitstorm I thought I’d create these here polls to really access where our readership falls.  I have a hard time believing the people that are rooting for the coyotes are nothing more than fringe lunatics who hate people.

It’s one or the other who are you gonna root for?


  • Both of these polls are nonsense. Does anyone have a choice to select a pet or coyote? I select both. I select a world that is in balance. A world that does not exterminate anything that is not cuddly. That does not exterminate an animal that may seem to be a frightening demon but fills a necessary niche in our ecosystem so we do not drown in vermin and disease.


    • It’s nonsense to you because you fail to recognize what I’m talking about in the first place. That I’m not anti coyote. I’m just anti people who rationalize saying that peoples pets are less important.
      You act as if that there were no comments to that effect but those comments were what set me off to begin with. The insensitivity of people who care for wild animals over people or peoples pets.


  • You are right on the money, Joey. It’s not about disrepecting wildlife. It’s about the reality that our pets (& humans) come first. All of nature has it’s place in the balance of life, & in the food chain. Pets are not part of that food chain. Period.


  • I think you could have made a fairer poll if you included a 3rd choice of being for all creatures. I would be devastated by guilt if one of my cats got killed by a coyote or a car or a fishercat; that’s why I keep them inside. I am also horrified if I see a squirrel or any wild creature get hit by a car or killed by a predator. I have to agree with Paul – we should be for all creatures, domesticated or not. Life is Life and it all serves its purpose for being. Like it or not, once a pet is allowed free roam outside, it becomes part of the food chain. You can’t blame the fishercat, fox or coyote for being hungry and looking for dinner – squirrel, cat, rabbit – its all the same to them, it is food.


    • No, that would not have demonstrated what I intended to in the first place. The easy way out is all creatures but sometimes that’s not the case. I didn’t blame the fishercat or coyote.

      I do blame insensitive pricks that come on and anonymously take shots at our contributors of which 10-20 of those comments you never saw because I deleted them before they saw the light of day.

      Sometimes there isn’t the all creatures box that we can create and it’s your pet vs the coyote. Forced to make the decision I go pet weather it’s mine or someone else’s . And again I don’t even like dogs but I do like people that own dogs and know how hurt they would be if a coyote messed up theirs.


  • Yeah dude, you are totally missing the point here. People are not choosing coyotes over cats, they are RECOGNIZING that if you leave a cat outside at night it is subject to the laws of the forest. For a coyote to kill your pet does not mean the coyote is bad. It is attempting to SURVIVE. So what readers are attempting to get across is, that if a coyote killed my cat or dog, I would not hold it against them. Would I punch a coyote in the nose if I saw it attacking my dog? Of course I would! But if I left it out all night, and it didn’t come home in the morning, I would say “Oh man, I’m an idiot, why did I do that?! Mr. coyote, I understand why you took poochie, I don’t have to like it, but I understand. No hard feelings.”


  • I’m mostly on the side of the pets with one exception. Cats have proven to be the greatest predator of song birds and small animals such as rabbits, chipmunks and the like. That is, cats which are allowed to roam abroad during the night. As my kids were growing up we always had one or more cats. We tried not to let them roam at night, sometimes unsuccessfully. When they did get out for the night they frequently returned with a dead bird or small animal they had killed.

    We had one cat killed by a Coyote and another so badly mauled by a Raccoon that it had to be put down. Sure, we felt bad when that happened but, we also understook those cats should not have been out there in territory where they could tangle with the animals who naturally belonged there.


  • Joey, I found some new underwear for you:


    Next time you get your knickers in a twist, try these on.


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