• So interesting–what a treasure trove of Gloucester history is Ron–looking forward to the next episode. I kept turning over in my head today Ron’s statements from last night about how after WWII the local fishing industry provided a starving and war-torn Europe with much needed protein.

    What is the name of Ron’s book and can it be purchased locally/


  • This is fantastic..thanks for sharing such cool conversation. Learning a lot!


  • bla bla he,s living in the past sham on him for not supporting todays fishing it will never be the same once the gov. NOAA stepped in with all the regs. it was easy to catch redfish with 3″ CODEND or whiting with a 2″ codend no one wants small fish anymore


  • Finally got time to listen to these interviews… THANK YOU for getting Ron on tape. He’s a real treasure! I could listen to him all day. I don’t think his comments reflect a disregard for our current fishermen; on the contrary, he gives honor and credit to the industry’s history and progression with improved methods. It’s hard to save the present and prepare for the future without an understanding of the past. People like Ron help us honor our fishing heroes and raise awareness for the need to help protect this industry.


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