Catherine Ryan Kicks The NY Times In the Nuts With Her Killer Edward Hopper Interactive Maps and Photos and Other Stuff

8 Slides from the NY Times vs 100 Hopper Slides from Catherine Ryan, Who Ya Got?

The NY Times Features 8 Hopper Slides Here

Catherine Ryan’s awesome Edward  Hopper Gloucester MA Website-



Catherine Ryan’s Edward Hopper Gloucester MA Interactive GOOGLE MAP Below

Click on map for descriptions and Hopper Tour Directions/Explanations


GOOGLE DOCS Featuring over 100 Slides



  • A serious teasure trove- thanks so much for sharing, Catherine!!


  • That was fantastic..I remember a few of the homes in their original state. As a kid I lived in the inner city and walked everywhere. Used both stairways depicted that lead to Main Street and remember the homes along side of these stairs. Most of the homes he painted kept the original trims and design. I was a bit delighted with that.


  • Thank you so much for showing this on GMG. I lived in Gloucester for many years and many of the homes are familiar to me, especially those on Rocky Neck and E. Gloucester. Truly a priceless collection. I’ve never seen so many of Hopper’s works in one place.


  • I have a print of Hopper’s “25 Mt. Vernon Street” over my bed, which has special meaning for me. My grandmother’s family resided at 44 Mt. Vernon Street for several generations, and I spent weekends and summers there. I have many fond childhood memories (which don’t include pushing strollers up that steep incline.) That painting of an ordinary house on a hill, has extraordinary memories for me, and it makes me smile. “Artists live on in their works.”


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